Grief Doesn’t Always Approach The Same Way

Everyone hates dealing with life after death and the grieving process.

Is it the same every time? No!

How do people deal with it? Everyone is different!

Does it change you? Oh yes, definitely, will change you!

How should one cope? Continue reading to find out!

Grieving is different for everyone. It’s also never the same after a love one’s death.

The grieve after my father’s death, for an instance, happened instantly after he passed away because I had nothing else to worry about. Meanwhile, my grieving process for my mom had to be on pause because I had to focus on giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Nothing about these stages of my life was simple or similar.

Grieving as a whole depends on someone’s life at the time.

The mind itself has different ways of dealing with how to feel after death. Life obviously changes, as we grow older. The brain changes with life as well to adapt to life around us.

No one can compare one time of their life to another because we’re never the same.

Two examples from my life are my age and solutions.

My dad died went I was 19.

My mom died when I was 25.

At 19, I partied and had the chance to grieve soon after my father’s death. Partying probably wasn’t the best way to deal with death, but at least drinking helped me forgot and deal with my emotions better for the time being.

Yes, I wish I could have find a healthier way to deal with everything. I was young and carless, so I can’t expect much out of myself.

At 25, I blocked my emotions out to take care of my daughter. I felt as if I didn’t have time to care for myself with being pregnant then having a daughter. Life kept me occupied; I guess you can say. Grieving hit me hard when my daughter turned 1 ½ years old. My boyfriend and I moved into our first house together then boom everything hit me at once.

I didn’t know how to function or deal with my thoughts. Depression and anxiety tired to take over my life. I’m not going to lie; I did lose the battle for a few months. Then I remember what keeps me from breaking; writing helped me get through every thing horrible in my life.

I decided to not only write, but to share my thoughts with the world on a public blog. I have to say so far my blog has helped my grieving process. I’m still in the long battle of grieving, but I can say it’s not winning now.

As you see, grieving is never the same. No one can deal with grieving the same way. No one ever deals with sorrow alike. It’s always unique and comes at different times.

My advice fo you is go with your intentions when you’re ready to deal with death. That’s the best way to actually deal with death and grief as a whole.

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