Short Blog About My Daughter

My daughter asked me if she could color her crocs yesterday before going to Oma’s for th night. I wasn’t sure at first then I give her the okay. She started off color at home but then I reminded her we needed to go. So, I packed her paint markers in a pack. She sat in the back and colored as we talked.

The end result!

I’m so happy art is back in her life. I know I keep saying this but it’s nice to see her happy and rediscovering what she loved before quarantine.

Art is her thing. Her teacher and now her camp counselors are noticing her creativity in creating new things. She got a note send home stating how much she loves anything artistic from art class to dance class. I already knew this but it melted my head (in a good way) knowing she’s truly back to herself.

Just her asking me to do something small like coloring her crocs proves she’s truly happy again. I’m loving every moment of it. Oh and Anastasia called me a “cool mom” 💁🏼‍♀️ because I let her do this.

Quarantine and Covid19 take that! You didn’t take away my daughter’s passion! You make have improved her artistic talent and made it shine!

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