Ten Years Ago Today I Started Dating My Boyfriend

Time has flown right under my nose. I can’t wrap my head around how long I dated with one person. Some days, it feels as if we have just started dating even though we have a kid. I still feel as if I was just a pretty 22 year old hanging out with an old ex friend at her pre teen’s crushes house. He was 5 years older than me and friends with my two best friend’s oldest brother. I was told that he was trouble and should stay away.

Because of this he never knew who I was before this day; I didn’t exist until he saw me that day. We both fell for each other instantly. I would definitely call say it was “love at first sight,” even though I had a previous crush. I feel more than lust before this day. Now, we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

A whole decade of memories and loving each other through the good and the bad. I wouldn’t want it any other way. He’s my rock and keeps me on my toes. He’s always something I know I can count on besides for my girls. He tells me when I’m out of line and helps me find my way back to reality. He’s my partner in raising our daughter, even though we don’t always agree on some things, I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without him.

The one thing I love about my boyfriend is that he understands why I had a hard time getting married these last 10 years. He could have left me when I said “no” or “I’m not ready,” but he didn’t. He stayed by my side and still loves me! The love he showed me after I told him I’m not ready to get married without my dad, in the beginning, will forever have a special spot in my heart. Then again when my mom died back in 2014, he knew how even harder it was for me to walk down the aisle and get married without them. He never once thought I was “stringing him along” like some people think I did the last decade. He understands and loves me to this day.

I will never be the same after losing my parents, but having a man who understands how hard getting married is for me truly means the world. His love makes everyone’s opinions about our relationship mean nothing. I did tell him recently that I am FINALLY ready to get married, but I want a ring when he does it again. A ring is the only thing I have left for a “real marriage” tradition. The waiting game is hard but I know the next time will be the time I say yes!

Because at the end of the day, the two of us have a love nothing can break. We had some pretty bad fights in the decade together, but we always find our way back to each other. That’s the key to our relationship. We don’t give me even when life throws us hardships. Our love is too strong to break.

My dad never met my man. I know he would have hated him at first, but once he got passed the tattoo and saw the way my boyfriend loves me then he would have come around to accepting him too.

My mom knew how much my man loved me and always told me to hold on to him. She saw the life in his eyes and in mine. I do have to add admit to the end of her life; she grew bitter towards my boyfriend because we were four years into our relationship with no ring or married. I cried my last Christmas with her because she made a nasty comment about it. The comment tore a hole in my heart. My boyfriend held me as I cried in my room at her house. He reminded me that this is probably my mom’s sickness talking because deep down inside she knew the reason why the two of us aren’t married. I hate how this was my last Christmas with me. I wish it was a happier memory but I’m glad I had my boyfriend with me. She turned around when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, which made the nasty comments disappear for the time being.

As I look back on the decade, I realize how I wouldn’t want my life any other way. Yes, of course, I would want my parents alive to celebrate this milestone of my life with the man I love. I, unfortunately, can’t change the fact my parents aren’t alive. I really wish I could but I can’t. I’m starting to accept this reality but I can only do this because I have such an incredible man in my life.

Happy 10 year anniversary to us! I wish we could have done something HUGE to celebrate but no matter what we do I’m just glad to be spending time with my main squeeze! We just decided not to because of the virus. Oh well, we’ll just have to something outside of the house next year!

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