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Summer Of Fun

Kindergarten has passed. I have a soon-to-be 1st grader. The summer is here. My daughter is having fun and finding happiness again. The pandemic took so much from this little princess and so many other kids. Things are feeling normal for the time being. I’m not sure what the future holds but as for now… Continue reading Summer Of Fun


Reflecting On The Pandemic

I wrote this whole looking back on the pandemic blog entry in my personal blog on an app called, Zinnia, but I can’t finish the story part of it. Trying to remember what happened last year when my life turned upside down because of the pandemic is way more painful than I thought. I don’t… Continue reading Reflecting On The Pandemic

Motherhood · Quarantine/COVID-19/Coronavirus

Today Marks 100 Days of Virtual Kindergarten

We survived 100 Day of Virtual school! The journey started rocky then switched to the norm for my daughter. She had a hard time adjusting at first. Her anxiety made the adjustment difficult for herself and me. The days of school seemed as if I was stunk in a nightmare. I felt as if virtual… Continue reading Today Marks 100 Days of Virtual Kindergarten

Motherhood · Quarantine/COVID-19/Coronavirus

As I Watched My Daughter Play In The Snow

As I watched my daughter play in the snow these last couple of days, I forgot reality for a little bit. Life felt normal as if the pandemic NEVER happened and everything stayed the same. I watched her slide down the little hill by our house in her pool tub at our house. My daughter… Continue reading As I Watched My Daughter Play In The Snow

Motherhood · Quarantine/COVID-19/Coronavirus

Happy Quarantine Birthday to My Little Princess

Happy birthday to my little princess! I can’t believe you’re 6 years old today. Where did the time go? You’re growing up too fast. It still feels like you were just born yesterday. But no … you’re 6! Look, I know this year is different and a party isn’t happening this year. I wish I… Continue reading Happy Quarantine Birthday to My Little Princess


Our Halloween During The Pandemic

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween … during the pandemic. Halloween is a favorite holiday in my house. My daughter and I love it so much. During the Covid breakout, Halloween plans are unpredictable. The numbers are rising in my state once again. Our Halloween during the pandemic wasn’t like we… Continue reading Our Halloween During The Pandemic

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Wake Me Up When October Ends During The Pandemic

As October starts, I can't help myself from thinking about what if my mom was alive. October has always been my favorite month but the last almost 6 years brought on a roller coaster of emotions. Luckily as my daughter gets older, the pain of my mom’s death anniversary disappears in the air. She loves… Continue reading Wake Me Up When October Ends During The Pandemic

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Dancing Away The Blue During A Pandemic

My daughter started a Jazz/Hip Hop class. She enjoyed every moment of it. She said that it made her so happy and glad her friends are in her class too. She’s going to dance away her blues during the pandemic with her girls. What could be better than that? Nothing at all.  My daughter started… Continue reading Dancing Away The Blue During A Pandemic

Motherhood · Quarantine/COVID-19/Coronavirus

We Survived Week One of Virtual School

The first week of virtual school is over! I’m so relieved because it has been a nightmare and an emotional roller. The first day... my daughter had an anxiety attack/meltdown. I calmed her down. We got through it together. Luckily, she had Art so her first day made a happy turn because that’s the one… Continue reading We Survived Week One of Virtual School