About Me


My name is Kimi Ann-Marie. I’m 31 years old. My daugther my world. I really don’t know what I would do without her. She will never unfortunately meet my parents because they both died before she was ever born. I lost my mother about 3 weeks before I had my daughter in 2014. I lost my father in 2009. My life will never be the same, so I’m writing out my thoughts and trying to figure out how to function with my parents.

My blog is about my life as a whole too. I want a place where I can feel more than just motherless or fatherless because I am so much more than that. It’s not health to only focus on grief. If I do write about my grief for my mom or dad too much, I will go down a dark path. My blog is supposed to help me not fall into the foggy road. I’m a mother, so I can’t be lost in my thoughts and feelings sorry for myself.

I am a hot mess, which means my blog will be too! If you’re okay with dealing hot mess, follow my blog, fellow Facebook Page Kimi Ann-Marie.