Lift-the-Flap What is Poop Book Review – Usborne Books & More

Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions and Answer: What is Poop?

Written By: Katie Daynes

Age: 2+

Hardback: 12

Publisher: Usborne

ISBN: 39719

Price: $12.99

*About the Book*

Lift-the-Flap Very Question and Answer: What is Poop is all about POOP. Warning: the book is disgusting! It explains all about POOP like where it goes, what different poops look like, who poops, and what can you do with poop with flaps and a storyline just like What are Germ. The narrator of the book is a little boy who is obviously obsessed with poop. He’s a very reliable main character. He’s knowledgeable about the different kinds of poop and pointless facts about poop. Each flap has an explaining everything you have always wanted to know or not wanted to know about poop. Either way, the book keeps the reader focus on these ridiculous because of the humor in the presentation of Poop. You may be grossed out BUT you will still want to know more and reader on.

 You kid(s) may enjoy the disgusting facts because what kid isn’t obsessed with poop. The stages of learning to use the potty. He or she wants to know exactly where poop goes. They also want to know what poop is made of and all the other gross facts about poop. Your kiddo(s) gets all the answers their little heart’s desires without bugging you about poop questions. Now, your kid(s) can just bug you with poop facts from the book.

As a parent, you will love how you don’t have to explain any of the disturbing poop facts. You know what I’m talking about, all of the poop information you either not know or you don’t want to talk about because it’s GROSS. The book will also remind how much you HATE poop!

*My Daughter’ and My Reactions* 

My daughter is obsessed with this books! She always wants to read it. She “pretends” to reads it in a fort, on the potty, before bed, and all over the house. She gets such a kick out of the gross facts. Her favorite part is when the book explains where poop goes after flushing the toilet. She loves following the flaps and seeing the poop go down the drain. My daughter also loves the facts about the different kind of poops from animals. She loves to try to name who’s poop it belongs to as well. She’s in the stage of loving poop, so this book is a must-have on our house.

I absolutely hate poop. I think it’s gross, weird looking, and smells (obviously). Motherhood has taught me to just suck it up and deal with the hate relationship poop and I have. Unfortunately, as a mom and parent, poop is just your daily norm. I have to deal with it if I like it or not. My daughter asked me so many poop questions before having this book. I never like to answer them because of the way I feel about it. I’m so happy she has a book to turn to until of me with her vulgar questions. That’s the best reason I love What is Poop? I just wish I didn’t have to read about it and learn the poop facts with my daughter. That’s the Mom life. You do things you don’t want to all the time.

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4 thoughts on “Lift-the-Flap What is Poop Book Review – Usborne Books & More

  1. So wish I had this about 2 months ago! My son was obsessed with poop videos and anything that even sounded remotely like poop, but he finally phased out of it and I definitely don’t want more poop humor. But I do have a 1 year old… Poop is so gross. I commend the author, but, seriously, I’ll probably make my husband read this one.


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