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MakeUp Review: Pressed Foundation By Younique

Makeup and I have a love-hate relationship, especially foundation. I never seem to find the right color of my skin. Foundation either makes me look like a ghost, too pink, sorta orange, too much power look, or unnatural liquid face. I give up on foundation for a few years because who wants to look like a pink ghost with an unnatural powered up liquid face. No one does! It’s just embarrassing and doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. I only applied eyeshadow and eyeliner since I could control how much or too little I want on my eyes and around my eyes. Look, I’m not makeup expert, but my bad experience with foundations over the years should count of something.

Younique changed my opinion on foundation because I actually found a matching color for my skin. A consultant and friend of mine, Melissa, helped me find the perfect color. Maybe that’s what my problem was all along, I never knew what color I needed for my skin. I enjoyed having someone work with me to find the color best for me. It’s crazy how the right foundation can give you confidence.

The texture of Younique’s Pressed Foundation is so unique and nothing you have ever used before! Foundation is either liquid or power. Liquid drops out of a bottle as soon as you pour it out. Power leaves little particles all over the bathroom’s counter table or wherever you do your makeup. So where does pressed foundation come in? Well, it’s in between both liquid and power. The holder looks exactly like powder foundation’s but looks like a form of liquid when you look inside. The pressed foundation is more like a cream than a liquid content. It’s smooth rather than dust or water feeling. The foundation also blends well as soon you rub it in.

I’m impressed by the way it feels on my skin after blending the foundation onto my skin. Foundation normally makes me feel as if I have a heavy coating on my skin, which made me only think about taking it off the whole time I’m wearing it. Younique’s pressed foundation makes me feel as if I’m not even wearing makeup. I love not feeling like I’m not wearing because than I feel beautiful all day. I know don’t about you but that’s a plus for me! 🙂

If my review wins you over, check out Younique’s press foundation. I highly recommend you do if you have trouble with finding your true foundation color!

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2 thoughts on “MakeUp Review: Pressed Foundation By Younique

  1. Wow, this is amazing! I’ve always hated makeup because it feels so weird, makes me look weird, and my skin doesn’t react well to it, but eventually I hope to start my career and work my way up, so makeup will have to be in my life one day. This sounds like an at least partial solution to my problem, so I’ll be looking into it! Thanks!

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