Three Going On Thirteen

Three is such a weird age. I don’t know if I have a toddler or teenager more than half of the time. My daughter still needs me, but yet acts like she’s miss independent. She’s basically three going on thirteen.

My daughter has the thirteen year old attitude down packed already. She talks back when she’s in a mood. She has sassy that is out of the world. She loves painting her nails, even if she isn’t too great at it. She loves making up her own style.

Now, out of nowhere, she’s showing interest in boys. I don’t know if she clearly knows this yet, but she’s showing signs of developing crushes. She will only play with her specific little boyfriend. They hold hands and ignore the world, you know like a teenager does.

My little threeanger is growing up way to fast. I get the attitude because she is a girl. Girls are naturally sassy. But the boy thing is blowing my mind, how in a world did she all of a sudden start crushing? I thought I had at least two more years when she was 5 or even 6! I guess not.

Why do kids grow up so fast? It’s like you blink and they just grow! Kids are like weeds! You feed them and all of a sudden you have a big kid or teenager or an adult!

Should I be worried my daughter may like someone? Should I be talking to her about boys? Should I ask her how she feels about the boy I think she likes?

Is the hand holding innocent? Is it something more? Is she understanding her new feelings? Is she starting to be a little flirt? Is she aware she’s flirting?

I have so many questions. I have no idea what to think! Maybe I’m just overthinking things, but it sure seems like my daughter is starting to have crushes at three.

I’m beyond over with the attitude problem. Nothing seems to be working. Everyone is telling me I need to control it now or it’s only going to get worse. Well, I’m trying. My hubby and I have done everything or at least it feels like it. The attitude is draining the both of us.

I’m sick of waking up to a screaming threeanger. It’s either because she said the wrong word and I said the right but she thinks I’m wrong or doesn’t like what I’m saying. My mind is overwhelmed most of the time. The struggle is real.

I’m lost in this new stage of life. I feel as if I have a true love and hate relationship with my Threeanger. I love how we can talk and she can tell me how she’s feeling, etc. I hate how she can talk back and over tell me how she feels. It’s like I have no middle. The day is either I love it or I hate it.

Whenever is going on with my Threeanger, I put a stop to it for good!

I can’t live like this for the rest of my life!

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8 thoughts on “Three Going On Thirteen

  1. Oh my gosh, you’re scaring me here! My daughter is 2 years from turning 3, so I don’t even want to be thinking about this! I remember my first crush was somewhere around 1st or 2nd grade. I didn’t think it was possible to start earlier. Makes me glad my first toddler is a boy. Life has been low-key, but that’s not to say boys usually are. It might even just be my kid. But I am so not looking forward to my daughter growing up!


      1. Kids are growing up way too fast these days. I’ve heard they’re starting puberty earlier now. It’s so scary! I’ve heard young kids are basically blind to face and ethnicity and thought it was the same with gender. Sounds like my assumption might be wrong!


  2. I think it’s also just being Three – it’s an age where they can argue and confront us, push and test the boundaries and make sure we’re still there for them. I still remember the long arguments I would have – and the ones involving the imaginary friends who all said I was a bad Mum! To top it off was the trip on the ferry where my then 3 year old was talking about his real parents and how they would come and rescue him from us. Yep, in public at the top of his lungs because he hated being told he couldn’t have what he wanted.

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