Don’t Learn To Move On; Learn to Cope With A Mom’s Death

Moving on after a Mother’s death isn’t possible because you can never “move on.” The pain is too deep to so call “move on” from.

I like personally like to use the words “learn to cope with” instead of “move on.”

It just sounds better and easier on the mind’s swirling thoughts.

Moving on is more like learning to forget her. You can’t and shouldn’t forget her. You want to remember and embrace your memories in order to heal.

At first, your memories will be your worst enemy. You will get pass this stage then, the stories will be part of your happiness because that’s all you have left of her now.

It’s okay to cry. In fact, I highly recommend crying. Because it can help you release any kind of sorrow building up.

The truth is you will find yourself crying over the strangest things too. It’s okay, let the tears fall down.

Soon the tears will pass and you will feel better. Nothing is wrong with crying.

After a crying episode happens, try to think of how you can turn your sad memory into a happy one.

Yes, it’s going to feel impossible..

Don’t tell yourself it’s not possible because it can be if you let yourself find the happiness. If you don’t, you will only drowning in your grief. Your mom wouldn’t want you to live your life like feeling sorry for yourself.

It’s always going to be painful. You’ll never fully be okay, but you can cope. You can grow, and you can become stronger than ever before . Your friends and family are always calling you the strongest person he or she knows, so embrace it and let the inner strength shine.

Nothing feels the same anymore and you really don’t want to be strong right now. That’s totally understandable, but you have to search for the will to live on.

Life is going to move on if you like it or not. Coping through the days of life is the only way you’re going to survive. Some days are going to be easier than others. On the overwhelming days, tell yourself you will and can get through every minute of the pain.

No matter what, just remember your Mom is always in your heart and in your memories. She lives on within you. She smiles back at you in pictures. She’s all around you in the wind, rain, snow, and sunshine.

Of course, the spirit of your Mom isn’t not the same as her being physically with you, but it can be comforting knowing she’s still always here for you.

So next time you’re blue, listen to heart and maybe your mom’s words or wisdom will help you cope with life is trying to pull you down.

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