40 Signs You’re A Mombie

Moms are always on the go. We can’t go to the bathroom alone. Psh, we can’t do anything alone. A little army is following us EVERYWHERE! With this being said, moms are like zombies all the time. Better yet, let’s say “Mombies”

1. You need coffee to function in the morning.

2. You have at least 2 cups on a good day.

3. You have 3+ cups on a bad day.

4. You take a nap during naptime, but wake up even more tired.

5. You zone out during dishes.

6. You find yourself zoning out into a child’s show.

7. Heck, you zone out more than you like to admit.

8. You forget to answer texts back.

9. You thought you answered someone back but never did.

10. You daydream about bedtime.

11. You long for a month or more worth of sleep.

12. You count down to Grandparents sleepovers so that you can sleep in.

13. You, sometimes, forget to eat.

14. If you do eat, you eat leftovers of snack food.

15. You cook nuggets and Ellie’s Pizza in the microwave.

16. Psh, you try to cook most of dinner in the microwave.

17. You don’t wash dishes before bed.

18. Then, you hate yourself in the morning.

19. You don’t always have the motivation to clean dishes.

20. You take forever to vacuum because of zoning out.

21. You zone out when or whenever you’re cleaning.

22. Netflix binging is your life.

23. A glass of wine or more is what you crave for after bedtime.

24. You’re super tired but yet can’t fall asleep early.

25. You end up staying later than you want to.

26. You stay up watching Netflix shows or movies until Midnight or later.

27. You stay up reading until Midnight or later.

28. You stay up writing until Midnight or later.

29. You stay up playing videos.

30. Heck, you stay up to do any hobby you have just for mommy time.

31. You fall asleep in the bed.

32. You zone out in the bed.

33. You fall asleep on the couch.

34. You fall asleep watching a show or movie.

35. You fall asleep reading.

36. You fall asleep with your laptop open.

37. You fall asleep with the light on.

38. You forget clothes are in the washing machine.

39. You forget clothes are in the dryer.


Being a Mombie is part of motherhood. Never feel ashamed because I bet any mom in your life can admit to feeling like Zombie. Or better yet, I bet admit to a few of these signs.

Don’t judge another Mombie by the look on their face or their hair. Mombies are around us everywhere. Beware!

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