When Your Child’s Dad Helps Out

Last night, my daughter woke up from a nighttime accident. I normally wake up but I guess my body was tired of all the times I wake up this week because of accidents and I didn’t hear her. Jer helps her get changed and back to sleep.

I woke up and have this conversation with My daughter.

Me: why is your shirt backward? Did you do that?

Anastasia: no daddy. I had an accident.

Me: why didn’t you wake me up?

Ana: daddy say no no let mommy sleep

Me: oh that’s nice of him.

Ana: Dad just wiped the pee off

Me: omg what 😂

Me: omg daddy 😂

*Ana comes on her room*

Ana: see daddy give me spot blanket (my leopard print blanket)

Me: I see this and sweetie you bed sheets are right there. *point to the foot of the bed and behind her bookshelf.*

Ana: silly daddy

Me: yes silly daddy. I love him.

Ana: I love him too. He’s so silly.

Me: help me make your bed

Ana: Okay!

I love when my hubby “tries” to help, even if he doesn’t where the sheets are or how girl clothes work. The thought counts right? I really appreciate him not waking me because my daughter has woken up a lot since we switched her to undies at night time. He knows how exhausted I have been and give me a break. Little things like this remind me how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful man in my life. I love how parenthood continuously helps me fall in love with Jeremy over and over again.

Parenthood has also taught a lot about myself and pushes all my limits. The biggest milestone that really tested my limits was day time potty training. Why? Because my anxiety used to get the best of me when my daughter just needed me. I would have panic attacks because the accidents and all the potty training tips used to overwhelm me. I used to think I was doing something wrong and beat myself up. Anxiety seriously took over me. But once again, my hubby helped me through it. He reminded me how every kid is different and we just have to find what works for our daughter. When I did that, potty training wasn’t making me anxious. I calmed down and made it more enjoyable. Now, she’s going by herself without us reminding her and holding pee/poop in until she gets to a potty. I feel so relieved and proud of her. It has been a long journey, but we got there.

Now, we’re focusing on the nighttime. I’m not getting anxious about it because I have been there and done that now. Her nighttime accidents aren’t a big deal. Because the reality is accidents aren’t a big deal. I always knew that but my anxiety didn’t let me see that. I’m thankfully how easy nighttime is for me. It’s just another milestone the three us of will get through together.

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