Heaven Cannot Be Any Closer

I miss you every day. My mind

does not go a day without thinking

about you. I wish I could unwind

the thought of missing

you. I can you watching over

me but it’s not same and upsets

me. I wish you could be closer

than the made up set

in my mind. I just want to hide behind

the emotions taking me and sinking

down a painful path. I climbed

out the ladder of misery, thinking

it would lead to me to you. I move lower

once I reach the top, but the pain gets

me every time. I can’t deal and over

the pain trying to take control and set-

ttle in. But ever time I declined

I find myself back at the starting and falling

in the darkness. I wish you could find

from heaven and help me start breathing.

Without you here looking from my shoulder,

i will be grieving about your death.

I wish your absence make me a loner

and make be run all my regrets

through my mind on a daily basis. I resigned

from trying to put up a wall and blocking

all the negativity around me. My mind

always tries to destroy me and breaking

down the layers I have up. I take owner-

ship. The pain of missing you and your death

never goes away. But I have to step closer

to the reality your gone before pain holder.

Normally I will never be my life or kind

of reality. I cannot keep draining

myself in what ifs, behind

the thoughts, and stop blaming

myself for whatever

my mind likes stirring

up within. I must be clever

and stop all the blaming

before I truly lose my mind.

I cannot control when your death

happened or even refined

how it happened ‘cause living with dread

will never be the answer behind

happiness without you living

on Earth. I have shined

with you here and switching

to a better mindset

as I overcome whatever

life decides to throw in the backseat

of my mind. I will be clever.

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