Moving Away From The Fog of Gross

I think about you every day

And everything reminds me Of you.

My mind thinks about what you will say

For current solutions. I wish you

Could help me with all my daily

struggles like you used to my

whole life. I’m having a hard time lately

trying to help myself simply get by

all the hardship life bring on a daily

basic. I wish I could just call you up

and just hear your voice when mainly

because I miss and need you. Even a sup

call would make my day. But the reality

is you’re gone and I just have dealing

with the facts. I wanna be carefree

and not worry if I’m okay or steeling

in the wrong path. I feel as if I’m lost

who I am without your help or near

me. As time passes, the fear of lost

will fade away and more years

without you will feel like a distance

memory. Somedays are better than others.

I can live without your absence

fogging up my mind. Of course, I

miss you on days like this. But I’m feeling

fine. I can go through the day

without wanting to cry or healing

my heart from the pain making me prey

of it’s own sick game. I want you to know

I’m doing okay because I have things

to keep my mind for fading away. Now,

I can stop and take down the pain’s strings.

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