You Know You Have A Threeanger Daughter When

Congratulations! You made it through the ones and terrible twos. Oh, you think it’s over? Ha, that’s cute. Sweetie, you’re in for a ride then. You thought the ones and twos were bad. Wait until you have a three year old going into to thirteen. Welcome to the threeanger stage with a daughter.

  1. 1)You say something and it goes in one ear and out there other. You have to repeat yourself over and over again until she hears me. Your voice sounds like a broken record in your head and giving me a headache. She’s either too busy playing or into a show. You seriously can’t win.

2) Your threeanger soaks in a corner when things aren’t going her way.

You tell her to just eat her food or pick up a toy. For some unknown reason, s/he doesn’t want to listen. She walks over to a chair or sofa, pours, and gives you the evil eye. Just ignore this because as soon as you do a light bulb goes off and she realizes you don’t care.

3) On a daily basis you hear, I want to be alone.

It’s great she wants to play alone now, but sometimes you want some love too. Hey, don’t be too sad because you wished for this. You wanted she to be more independent, so technically you got what you said for.

4) Any meal is a struggle because your threeanger doesn’t want to eat. 

Forget about trying to get your threeanger to eat. It’s a battler 24/7. She may say, “I’m hungry,” but don’t be fooled. If you dare to make food, she will take A BITE then say, “I’m full.” You just waste food or have to beg the threeanger to eat. Just stick to your plan and pray food goes in the tummy.

5) You ask your kid(s) what s/he wants for dinner and she names all the favorites, you answer “we don’t have that, then the response you get is, “Omg you don’t have anything I like.”

 By now, your daughter has a favorite food that she eats everyday. What happens when you’re out of all these safe foods? You’re screwed. Be ready for a sassy teenager like response back because you better believe it’s coming. The key is to either trick them into eating something different or EVERY RUNOUT!

6) Forget about being on time because she takes forever to get ready. Now, your daughter wants to pick out her own clothes and shoes. OH JOY! Your threeager will take forever because she can’t decide on what to wear, which will ALWAYS make you late. She also may be into painting her nails now, so of course, this is now part of getting ready. Oh and EVERYTHING has to match from head to toes. If not, prepare for WW IV.

7) Your daughter says that she’s bored multiple times a day. 

Yup, she learned the word “bored” and says it about a billion times a day. You don’t even know if she is really bored or not, but she rolls her eyes and may say, “I’m bored.” Things will also seem to get boring within mintues.

8) She stomps around the house when she’s upset. Oh yes, you read that right! Your threeager will show her angry or frusration in a new way. She will be stomping away from you and into her room. You know what may work break habit, a Daniel Tiger song! It’s goes, “When you want to roar, count to four. 1,2,3,4.”

9) Be ready to get doors slam in your face when she’s bad or wants to alone. 

Oh yeah, you readied that right. A door will be slam in your face for varies of reasons. It could be because she wants to be alone and play in her room or because she’s mad at you.

10) Your daughter puts her little hand on her hip when she telling you how it is. Your threeager has opinions and a personality now. Oh and she knows things or at least things she does. When your daughter knows/thinks she knows someting, her little hand will go on one of her hips and whatever she has to tell you will come out. Warning, this is the cutest Threeager characterize, BUT you have to stay cool and try not to laugh or say, AW!

The best thing you can do during this stage is breath and lay down the law. It will pass just like the 1s and 2s. Let’s hope together the threeanger stage doesn’t last too long.

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