I Have To Survive Another Year Without My Parents

Another year means more things my parents will miss and can’t attend. It also means more advice I could have used from them when things are going downhill. On top of that, it means I have to wake up every day knowing I can’t text or call either of them.

The painful thoughts of reality punch my heart because this sucks. Why do I have to live without my parents? Why can’t they just be living life with me instead of in heaven?

Yeah, yeah. I know my parents watching over me, but you know what that’s not the same. They can’t hug me when I long for their touch. During a hard time, they can’t be here for advice to guide me. It just plain sucks.

I don’t want to go on another year without my parents. But I will because I have so much to live for. Obviously, I wish things turned out differently, but it’s not. I have to accept the fact that my parents are died and not coming back.

As much as I want my mom and dad to be here, I have to accept the fact that they’re not. I can still keep you alive in my heart, traditions, and memories. So I don’t lose them completely and they’re somehow in my life for another year.

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