Thirteen Years Ago When The Eagles Last Played in the Super Bowl

The last time the Eagles went to the Super Bowl was in 2005. My parents were both alive. I was 16. My dad and I were cheering for the Eagles. My mom and my brother were cheering for the Patriots. It’s one of my favorite memories of my family because no other Super Bowl separated us before or we simply didn’t care of the teams. Of course, my brother would cheer for the Cowboys if they played in Super Bowl. I don’t care of them, so I wouldn’t make a big deal.

It’s my favorite memory because we were all together and having a great time. We may have been screaming, but it was a blast.

After this night in 2005, my lover for the Eagles grew because it’s something my dad and I shared together. My dad has been sick most of my preteen and teenage years so I always looked for things I could cherish if his time was up. The Eagles become one of the things I still cherish to this day. It’s the only thing that’s not going to get lost, break, or wore too much because as long as football is around I will always have my team.

As you can see, the Eagles are more than just another football team for me. It’s a piece of my dad. Obviously, this means, I’m more than just a fan because it’s a part of me too and always be.

So before you put down someone for a team they like, think about why you like/love your favorite football team.

Is it because of the wins? I hope not because winning doesn’t matter if you really think about it.

Is it because your family or someone in your family loves the team as well? My reason for loving the Eagles most definitely is based on my dad like I said above.

Do you like the jersey colors? Okay, I have to admit. I also like how well black and green look together.

Do you like the mascot? I have always loved eagles because they have the freedom to fly away. My life has been filled with hardships, so the thought of being able to fly away always made me feel better.

Whatever you’re reasoning is why you love your team; keep that in mind next time you attack someone because of the team they love.

I really can’t stand when people rub their team Super Bowl wins and rings on my face. Don’t you dare think it’s because the Eagles haven’t experienced that yet! It bugs me because I believe you have to lose some to win some and begging about wins isn’t going to get you anywhere. I guess being a fan of the underdog team has made me the reason that you have to work hard for what you want and never give up. I think everyone can agree with me or at least I hope so. Also, begging just makes you an ass and show off. It doesn’t even prove anything, but they have won. Woot! Go for you. I don’t care!

My Facebook is full of hatred remarks like “Eagles fans are scum,” “All Eagles fans are horrible,” etc. Look I know some Eagles fans are horrible. Like what’s up with the burning after the Eagles vs Vikings game? Honestly, I have no idea. I wasn’t there and therefore don’t assume I would have joined in because I wouldn’t have. The Eagles fans would do that are the reasons why all the rest of us. It’s a disgusting and disrespectful. I would also like to point out Eagles fan aren’t the only ones who act like this. I have personally been to a Steelers game in college for a fundraiser. And let me tell you, some Steeler fans are just as bad. But no one talks about the way Steeler fans or any other teams act because they have won. Well, this needs to stop! It’s so messed up on some many levels.

Get a pair and stop making fun of the underdog team! Because let’s face the reality, the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl if you haters like it or not. And I hope they win to shut all you guys up! And if the Eagles don’t, then it happens and they had one hell of a season which proves hard work and practice pays off.

Goooooo Eagles🦅!!!!! You got this! I hope my dad helps you guys win for heaven!

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