Summer 2020 Is For Madness

Summer 2022 is all about being actively mixed in with some adventure.

This week and next week are dance camps with two Tuesdays filled with camp and dance classes. Then, cheer starts the first week of August along with dance classes on Tuesdays. Before cheer, we’re also going on vacation with family to Poconos aka puppy’s first vacation.

I know what you’re thinking.

I should make my daughter’s choose between cheer and dance.

But why?

She loves both and doesn’t fight me to go to either one. She loves both equally. She’s staying active and following her passion. I don’t see anything wrong with staying busy. It will always help her learn time management.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

My daughter isn’t too young to learn time management.
No, she’s not!

A kid is never too young to learn how to manage time. I believe a kid should learn to balance things at a young age, so they stay busy and learn to be well-rounded humans. Someone who can take on anything without letting pressure take them down.

Do I mind the madness of my daughter’s life?

No, I like keeping busy as well. It keeps my mind from thinking too much. My anxiety feeds off keeping busy. I guess you can say it’s my fault my daughter is ok with being busy.

But is there something wrong with that?

No, not at all.

Keep your negative away from this post and out of my life


One thought on “Summer 2020 Is For Madness

  1. That’s incredible! Some people just thrive with constantly being busy, and it’s all the better when it’s things you love. Your daughter does sound like she’s having an amazing time, and one can never be too young to learn certain things! It’s so wonderful that you give your daughter the opportunity to be herself and do things that she loves, and I’m sure she’ll be incredible with everything you’ve taught her and given her the opportunity to do as she grows older. Haha, my kids could definitely use a few more activities in their lives.


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