Dear Mom On Eight Years

Dear Mom, 

Time is flying way too fast without you. It’s been 8 years now. I’m not even sure how because it still feels like yesterday I got the worst news of my life. I still trying to cope without you. My heart still aches for you. I’m not sure the pain in my heart will ever go away because I wish you could see me as a mom in person.

I hope I’m not disappointing you. I’m trying to be the best mom I can be without you. It’s a struggle from time to time. I could use your advice or even ask how I was when I was little just like other moms. 

Your death will always hold a heavy toll on me. We were so close. Let’s be real, I’m lost without you. 

As the years’ pass, I feel like I miss you more because I have more things I want to talk about with you.

 I wish I could hear your voice. I’m starting to forget what your voice sounds like just like dad’s voice. 

Postive sharing time: 

Anastasia is excelleting in dance and cheer. She learned how to do a cartwheel properly from one of her jr coaches. She’s in the process of learning other tumbling skills as well. Her competition is next Saturday. I can’t wait to see her in act as a back spot and doing her thing with her team. Dance is also a part of her life. She tried ballet in the summer and fell in love with it, so now she’s doing it in the fall. Tap is still her favorite. She’s doing well in school and starting to read chapter books. I can’t wait to read the same book as her one day soon. 

I’m working at Barnes & Noble. I love everything moment of it. The job is extremely flexible with my mom life. I know how to do multiple jobs so I’m never just in one spot. Some days, I’m all about it; while others, I’m over it. Overall, I’m happy with a job for once. I will be working there for a year on the 19th. 

Oh and we got a puppy! I love him so much. He’s so precious and cute. He’s my trouble maker though but it keeps me on my toes. I have to walk him a lot so I actually lost my baby fat and Covid fat. Thankfully! 

As you see, life goes on without you. 

I miss you.

But you’re not here and I have to accept that. 

You’re my favorite angel. 

With love,



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