To The Mom Potty Training While Having Anxiety

“Mommy, wow I’m a big kid now.” – Huggies 

Potty training takes a lot of patience for your little one and you. It’s full a lot of poop and a lot of pees accidents all day long.

It’s overwhelming. But you have to keep your head up because your little one is counting on you.

What happens when your anxiety creeps on you?

Everything starts to make you anxious. You wonder, why everything is going wrong or what you’re doing wrong?

 Anxiety bites you in your ass. Every part of your body wants to fall into tiny little pieces. But you can’t.

You have to be strong for your little one. She or he needs you.

Look, it’s okay to show emotions to your little. But anxiety can make emotions out of control sometimes.

Take a breath and let it go. Be calm with a smile and say, It’s ok, sweetie. Better luck next time.

Potty training is a trial and error progress.  Be patient and it will happen.

Your little one is anxious enough about the new change and milestone.

Try your best not to add to it. Of course, it’s not going to be easy for anxiety not to creep up.

But just swallow it whole and go with the flow. The toddler in front of you needs you to have confidence in him or her.

So embrace the change and take every day one step at a time.

Your little will be potty trained before you know it. No worries.

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