Here’s Why I Decided to Become An Usborne Books & More Consultant And Write Review About Their Children’s Books

Recently, I have decided I wanted to read book reviews for Usborne Books & More. I became an Usborne Consultant, so I can buy the books off of the site and get money 50% back for the first 3 months then 25% after that. I figured by writing reviews for children’s books will help me see what’s popular and what’s not as I’m working on publishing my own Children’s Book on learning how to use the potty. That’s all I’m telling you about my book.

Anyways, I also think it’s important for children to have a love for books in our world of technology. Kids in this generation are glued to tablets or parent’s phone. It’s not even just a Television anymore. Because when the TV goes off, they have access to another screen. Before technology, parents got a break from kid shows but now it’s a never-ending cycle of annoying catchy songs or characters voices. I personally don’t know how parents nowadays do it because I get to the point where I need a break. It’s funny because I never understand why my mother in law or my mom got so annoyed with the TV being on for a long period of time until I became a parent. It’s like my motherly instinct kicked in and now the sound drives me crazy. I need peace and quiet or just music on. Look I’m not saying you don’t have motherly instinct if you let your kid(s) use tablets or have the TV on 24 hours, I’m just stating that I can’t live like that. My mind will go nuts. You can either agree or disagree with me. Parent how you want to parent, okay?

My point is that I believe reading to your kid(s) is way more important than giving them a tablet full of apps or YouTube. Nothing is magical than learning from a book. Not only is your kid(s) learning, but he or she gets one on one time with you. Your child(ren) can explore a whole new world and/or be learning something new with you. It’s an incredible way to bond. If you start reading to them at a young age, it opens so many doors in his or her little life from the beginning. Also, a kid should get excited about the smell of new books because it’s such a wonderful scent. The smell of a new book is actually one of my favorite scents.

Usborne Books aren’t like any other books either. Each and every book is filled with fun as your child(ren) learns something new. Baby and Toddler books are all about touching with bright colors to grab his or her attention. They’re also all about touching and getting them involved in the story when you get more into the Toddler stage. Preschool and Kindergarten books are being hands-on and laughing with the silly storylines. They help learn how to count, the alphabet, and new words in a very engaging way with thinking skills and problem-solving. The School level has books for every topic needed for your kid(s) to learn about history, the states, science, and so much more. Your child(ren) will forget here or she is learning because of how the books talk about topics. In this category, you can find a bunch of fun, exciting adventures as well. Elementary and Middle-grade fiction is full of adventure and having them escape to a whole new world.

If you don’t know about Usborne Books, then you definitely must check the company out. Feel free to contact me if you have anything question and looking to purchase a current book but not sure where to look. My Usborne email is Also, don’t hesitate to join my group, Kimi’s Usborne Bookshelf.

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