My Daughter’s First Sleepover At My House

The sleepover life has began. It’s such a different and interesting experience. I loved sleepovers when I was growing up, so I’m super excited about this new stage of my daughter’s life. Okay, I’m excited mixed with stressed out. The struggle is real. My daughter’s first sleepover at my house is one I will never forget.

First of all, I have to point out this sleepover was completely unplanned, but that’s okay because my friend and I have talked about it for a while now. She wanted to go out with her husband for his birthday, but her aunt woke up sick. That’s when a sleepover for tonight got brought up.

My night started out normal. You know, the whole cook dinner for my family before her friend came over. I cooked meat baked ziti and mashed potatoes. I made sure I cooked enough for my daughter’s friend too. The girl ate a late lunch, so I didn’t know if she was going to be hungry. I just wanted to be prepared because you never know with kids. While I’m cooking, my daughter is asking me million times when her friend is coming. She was also coming up with questions to ask the mom for her. I thought it was so adorable because she was so excited.

My friend, her daughter, and her husband came a few minutes after the baked ziti finished cooking in the oven. The doorbell rang. My daughter ran to the door. We were sitting on my bed as I readied out loud, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, beforehand. (I started it today around lunchtime because my daughter was hanging out with my hubby in our room). She’s always interested in what I’m doing all the time.

Anyways, my daughter ran out of my room when she heard the doorbell. She got to the door and attempted to open it. My hubby helped her open the door. She stood there anxiously waiting for her friend to walk in. She greeted her and directed the little girl to her room. My friend and I followed them so she could put down her daughter’s things. The girls got in their PJs as my hubby and her husband talking about video games. Once the girls got into their PJs, the four of us walked out of my daughter’s room.

I asked my daughter if she wanted food and said, “No.”

I was confused because she hasn’t had dinner yet.

I then asked her friend and she said, “No.”

I walked out the room then saying, “Okay, bye. I’m going to get food.”

My hubby then mentioned how he was hungry too. I walked past my friend’s husband and thought it was him, but nope my hubby said it instead. (Oops). My friend and her husband then said, “goodbye,” and give their daughter a hug.

The girls then went off into my daughter’s room. My hubby and I got a plate of food. A few minutes later the girls came out of the room, I thought nothing of it until I heard her friend saying and running out of the room, “Stop following me!” I took a deep breath and thought, AND so the fun begins. Apparently, she just didn’t want to be followed but yet she was saying, “Come and get me.” I mention to her that if you say “come and get me” someone is going to think you’re playing tag. She told me that she didn’t want to, so I told her not to say it.

I was still eating my dinner or at least trying to get food in me. I knew this was going to be a long night right then and there. Why because my daughter came out all confused and moody. The only time the girls didn’t fight went I took out my daughter’s tunnel. I cut it off when the girls started to get to hyper and out of control. Then, the fighting started over toys like who wants to play with who or so and so isn’t playing with me. I tried to find something for them to do while I ate some more of my dinner. Luckily, my daughter found her Miss Potato Head and the two of them played with that for a few minutes.

The girls then leave me to dinner (thank goodness). A few minutes later, I heard more fighting from my daughter’s room. At this point, I was trying to just ignore it because I just wanted to eat my baked ziti and mashed potatoes. Her friend runs out of the room. My hubby asked me if I was going to do something about the fight.

I then thought about getting coloring books for the girls. I came back to my daughter’s room with a Grinch and Winne the Pooh coloring books along with color pencils and crayons. My daughter grabbed the Pooh coloring book without even saying anything. Her friend then stated how she doesn’t like the Grinch. I then walked out with the Grinch book and returned with the Paw Patrol one. In my head, I hoped to walk back in and see them coloring in the same book. Nope! Her friend took out all the color pencil (just like my daughter does. I kept this to myself.) while my daughter was happily coloring Rabbit with crayons. I showed her what coloring books I had this time and she said that she liked Paw Patrol. She took in and colored with the pencils. I feel accomplished because once again, I made both of them happy at once.

Well, that feeling didn’t last because her friend discovers the coloring book’s stickers. She wanted to match the Paw Patrol stickers to pictures in the coloring book. My daughter was still happily coloring Rabbit for the time being.

Then, her friend was having trouble finding “Rocky” in the book. My daughter looked up from her coloring then mentioned she can help (she LOVES helping others). He friend didn’t want help because she figuring things out on her own. They’re both at the age where they don’t know limits, so the fighting began ones again. I looked at my daughter and told her to just wonder about what’s she was doing. Of course, she didn’t listen because she’s stubborn and decided she wants a Paw Patrol sticker too. I stepped in and mentioned how these a whole sheet of stickers to share. Luckily, both of them listened and shared the stickers. Her friend continued to match the Paw Patrol as my daughter puts the stickers next to Rabbit.

A few minutes later, her friend got bored and found something else to do, while my daughter finishes her page. She just started coloring in the lines and is obsessed with it. I love her new obsession. Anyways, her friend found some smiley face stickers. I have a rule in my house about stickers. Stickers are only allowed on paper unless you ask before putting it somewhere else.

I told the girls I’ll be back with a notebook and looks at her friend then said, “Don’t put stickters anywhere yet!”

I found a little notebook for stickers to go in. My daughter has a notebook she puts stickers in, but I didn’t want her to get upset because I grabbed hers. I walked into the room and give the little blue notebook with cupcakes on it to my daughter’s friend. She ended up not listening and put two stickers on my daughter’s bookshelf. She took the notebook then draw one yellow line and closed it. My daughter finished Rabbit, so she closed the coloring book. I cleaned up all the notebook, crayons, and color pencils, while the girls find something else to do.

The girls decided to roll a wooden cricket on the hard floor by my front door. At first, I thought the game would work because it’s so simple. Well, I was wrong because her friend say too close and my daughter explained to her you need to sit on the carpet so the cricket has room to move. Her friend didn’t want to then, of course, my daughter became frustrated because she really wanted to play with the cricket. I stepped in and told the little girl how you need to sit far away for the game to work. Nothing seemed to make the game work. My hubby then suggested maybe it was bedtime. I agreed.

The girls and I went into the bathroom to brush teeth. My daughter’s friend mentioned how she forgot her toothbrush. I asked my daughter to get the new one from her Minnie backpack in her room. She grabs her toothbrush then hands it to her friend. Her friend followed her like a lost puppy. The girls then went back to the bathroom to brush their teeth. My daughter usually put water on the brush before putting her toothpaste, but tonight she didn’t because her friend doesn’t to that. I thought how strange because she hated the way toothbrushes feel without water. She even had a tantrum about how hard the bristles feel on her teeth.

Once the girls were done, we headed to my daughter’s room to pick out bedtime books. Each of the girls picked out a book, so I didn’t have to hear another fight. My daughter picked Usborne Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Beauty & the Beast. Her friend wanted to read That’s Not My Unicorn (also an Usborne Book). I feel proud because they picked Usborne Books on their own. I’m not surprised by my daughter’s pick since she’s obsessed with princesses and Beauty & the Beast. Her friend’s pick shocked me about she doesn’t have the “That’s Not My …” series. She does like unicorns and Usborne Books, so she was just drawn to it. Who knows.

My hubby came into my daughter’s room before I started reading to tell me that he was going to store to get beer and wine.

Before the girls fought over the flaps in Beast & the Beast, I suggested they take turns. My daughter’s friend went first because she was the guest. No fighting and taking switching worked for the book. I felt as if I won a prize because I finally got something right. For “That’s Not My Unicorn,” I suggested taking turns again. I then tucked both girls in. My daughter wanted me to sing her lullaby, “Once Upon A December” (from the movie Anastasia, like I do every night). I started and instantly heard her friend sigh. I’m not sure why she did, so I made sure I didn’t sing to long because I know she’s not used to it. I then look at her friend and asked her if she’s okay with me putting on the lamb sound machine. She told me that it was fine. I asked her again just to make sure. She repeated that she was okay with it. I turn on “Twilight Little Star” then hugged and kissed my daughter goodnight before leaving. My daughter told me to send in her dad as soon as he came home.

I walked out of the room then when directly into my room. I took a deep breath as I sat down on my bed, turned on my Xbox, and selected Netflix. I didn’t even get a chance to pick a show because I heard my daughter’s door open. Before I walked to her room, I took a deep breathe then checked on them. I found my daughter in the bathroom because she had to pee. Her friends waited for her turn. I stayed to make sure the girls finished up and went back to bed. My daughter’s friend then went pee as she washed her hands and stepped down her step stool went she’s done. A minute later, her friend finished then I took the girls back to my daughter’s room. I tucked them in then told them to close your eyes, go to sleep, and then I left the room.

My daughter and her friend woke up three more times together. They woke up after the bathroom because both of the girls woke up each other by talking and mentioning how they can’t sleep. Another reason why the girls woke up was because their footies felt too hot and needed to get out of them. My daughter’s friend obviously didn’t have another pair, so I give her one in the dresser. The last reason why my daughter woke up with her friend was for another pee break. My friend’s daughter had to pee. After she was done, I tucked both girls in then left the room. (This is the short version.)

I ended up moving in the living room because I had a feeling my night wasn’t over. I turned off my Xbox and tv then grabbed my laptop to the couch. My laptop got backed the lock screen then I loaded up Netflix and started an episode of Designated Survivor. A few minutes later, I heard my daughter’s door open. I took a deep breath then got up. This time, my daughter’s friend only woke me up because she had to pee AGAIN. Once she finished up in the bathroom, I tucked in the little girl. I hoped for her to FINALLY GO TO BED.

NOPE! My daughter’s friend got up every 20 – 30 minutes until midnight. She peed a few more times. Another time, she was scared of the dark so I moved her by my daughter’s night light. She also woke up whenever my hubby went outside for a cigarette. She woke up because she couldn’t fall asleep. I tried so hard to get her to sleep when she said she just couldn’t fall asleep. For an example, I told her to close her eyes and think about being in the Hundred Arce Wood at Winnie the Pooh’s house (she loves Pooh too) having some honey and tea. She had trouble seeing the vision so I added Piglet coming over then left the room. She only woke up once more after my story. Thankfully.

I could continue about my morning with my daughter and her friend but I’m not because it’s just more fighting and being trying to keep two little girls happy. I had to sit in the room with them to keep the peace.

I learned what it’s like having two kids around the same age feels like during this sleepover. I give all the moms out there with kids close in age tons respect. I want another kid someday BUT I’m glad my kids aren’t going to be close in age. I don’t think I can handle that everyday. It’s just too much for me.

I also learned how different two kids truly are from each other. Of course, I always knew this but I never experienced it for myself and alone (sorta). What an experience; I think I’m prepared if we have another one now. Nah, probably not. Ha. Ha.

The last thing I learned (well I’m going to mention) is age matters. I’m starting to think maybe this was too young for my daughter’s first sleepover at my house. She’s 4. Her friend will be 4 in April. Some 4 year olds may be ready like my daughter but other like her friend may not be ready for a friend sleepover. It perfect normal because 4 is still young for all the sleepover fun! I can’t wait until the REAL ONES START! I’m most definitely waiting to have other one when my daughter is a little older. If I even consider it, I will make sure the parent is here as well. Maybe. We’ll see!

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