2022 Birthday Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom, Happy 7th birthday and Mother’s Day heaven. I miss you so much. Hopefully, dad and you are having a party together. I hope you’re also enjoying Crystal in heaven with you too. I wish she could have hung on longer to meet my daughter, but I guess she wasn’t meant to just like … Continue reading 2022 Birthday Letter To My Mom

Christmas With A Six Year Old During The Pandemic

Christmas time is very dear to my heart because my parents loved everything about the holiday. I have mixed feelings about Christmas since it makes me feel joyful and extremely sad at the same time. My daughter made this year special for me by helping out with everything! Christmas is way more exciting with a … Continue reading Christmas With A Six Year Old During The Pandemic

Our Halloween During The Pandemic

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween … during the pandemic. Halloween is a favorite holiday in my house. My daughter and I love it so much. During the Covid breakout, Halloween plans are unpredictable. The numbers are rising in my state once again. Our Halloween during the pandemic wasn’t like we … Continue reading Our Halloween During The Pandemic