Happy 14th Birthday In Heaven, Dad

Dear Dad,

Happy 14th birthday in heaven.

Life on Earth is going well. I’m still working at Barnes & Noble and loving every moment of it. I love my coworkers and how I’m growing within the company. I got the opportunity to help out with displays in the kid’s development. Also, I got asked to help move selections in the kid’s development. The store also works with Anastasia’s school schedule still, which is truly a blessing. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

My daughter has grown up so much this year. She’s doing well in school. It’s still in person and she’s loving it. The poor girl is having a rough time socially but pressing through it like a champ. Besides that, she’s still shining in the Arts. Dance has become her passion. She has an unbelievable talent for dance. This year, she’s doing ballet 🩰 and tap. Ballet is emotional for me because I used to love ballet growing up. I cried the first time I saw her in the classroom. Her dance recital is coming up soon. I’m so going to cry then as well. It’s going to be a mixture of happy and sad tears. Happy tears will happen because I love seeing her be so into something. Sad tears are because I wish Mom and you could see her on stage. She’s also recently got picked for her school district’s Art Show coming up this week! She’s so proud of herself. This summer, she’s going to music theme camps. Her music teacher and band teacher are hosting a band/chorus camp; where she’s going to start the violin for the upcoming year. She’s also going to dance camp for 4 weeks at her dance studio in the summer. This girl is going to be dancing the summer away!!!

Anyways, I hope Mom and you have fun celebrating in heaven!

With love,
Your Cookie Monster


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