Wind Down Time After The Craziness

People may say my daughter is ”too old” for Sesame Place. I thought she was too until she asked me if we’re going to Spooktacular this year. She barely mentioned Sesame place after the two times we went in the summer. The question throw me off, so I told her after cheer ends. She smiled and then kept asking all week if we were going. I told her that I will decide by the end of the week.

I didn’t want to make my decision until her teacher conference. This school year was super busy with dance and cheer, so I wanted to see how she balance everything. Her teacher told me how great she’s doing in school and involved in the class. She even said that her stories and writing are fantastic. I couldn’t be happier. She proved to herself and me how she can balance school while doing extra activities. Not just one but two activities. It’s impressive for an almost 8-year-old.

Tonight was her reward. Her time to relax after always being on the go. Time away from the puppy. Her special time with me was at her happy place.

I hope she holds on to her youth a little bit longer. A lot of kids are growing up way too fast and losing their youth. It breaks my heart to see childhood disappear into thin air. Not with my daughter, she’s holding on tight, especially to Sesame Place.

Before my daughter fell asleep on the way here, she thanked me for taking her tonight. She needed mommy time and some silly fun after all the craziness.

I didn’t get the chance to tell her but I needed tonight as well. I worked a lot this week, so I needed time to collect myself and have fun. Her smile made me forget the tired feeling and just have fun. She may not know how much I need her as well. She’s my coffee on the days I just want to sleep.

We both needed to tonight.

I hope the future holds more days or nights for mother/daughter time!


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