2022 Birthday Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom,

Happy 7th birthday and Mother’s Day heaven. I miss you so much. Hopefully, dad and you are having a party together. I hope you’re also enjoying Crystal in heaven with you too. I wish she could have hung on longer to meet my daughter, but I guess she wasn’t meant to just like you.

I don’t know if dad told you, but Covid hit us. We’re all starting to get better since dad’s birthday. Thank goodness. I got a little scared for myself yesterday. I’m so glad all of us are fully vaccinated because who knows how our bodies would have reacted.

You would be proud of me. I finally have a job I love and so perfect for me. After all these years, I applied to Barnes & Noble! You always told me I should work there. Well, I am now. The store is 15 minutes away from my daughter’s school. I also get off when she’s off from school. It’s so nice being home when she’s home. I finally found a job I love after such a long time.

My daughter loves to dance and cheer. She has a dance recital in 2 weeks. She’s doing tap and jazz at the recital. I cry seeing her tap on stage because I loved tap so much as a kid and wish you could see her tap. She loves tap so much and has a talent for it. In the summer, she’s trying ballet. If she’s anything like me, she’s going to love ballet too. I have a feeling she is because she loves “The Nutcracker” movie. I can’t stop her from being what she loves and good at anymore. Cheer is going well too. I’m coaching the spring team again. I will also be a coach in the fall as well. I love coaching.

I wish you can experience life ugh me. I know you’re looking down on me and smiling.

Always love,

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