2022 Letter To My Dad on His Birthday

Dear Dad, 

Happy birthday. I’m missing you dearly. I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday in heaven. I wish I could celebrate with you. 

This year, my family are quarantined for having Covid. The three of us have survived the last two years not getting Covid. Sigh, everyone is going to get it at some point. I guess this was our time.

I just wish it wasn’t around your birthday, Mom’s birthday, and Mother’s Day. Ugh this is messing with my mind so much. I’m trying to keep my head up and deal with my depression on top of being sick. I just wanted to be at work today instead of being sick at home. Of course, that didn’t happen. Maybe it’s for the best since I’m a hot mess around this time of year. 

Speaking of my job, I work at Barnes & Noble now. I loved it. I’m trained in almost all the selections of the store, so my workday or week is never the same. It’s a perfect job. I’m excited to see where it takes me in the future.

My daughter is doing tap now. She’s such a talent for tap and doing well. At first, I had a hard time letting her tap but I’m glad she excelled and enjoyed something I used to do when I was growing up. She is also trying ballet in the summer. I loved ballet so much. I’m hoping she will too. Ballet is such a perfect form of dance. It’s going to be nice to have it back in my life through my daughter’s eyes. She is also still cheering. I’m her coach as well. 

Oh, I have a new addition to my family … a puppy. He’s adorable and a handful at times. I’m so glad he’s in my life now. 

Don’t worry about me. I will get through this. Just like I have with every time life throws lemons at me. 

With Love, 


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