A Month Ago Today, My Little Family Adopted a Puppy

My family and I added a fur baby to our family. We talked about getting a pet for the longest time, but couldn’t agree on what to get as a pet. All of of when back and forth on what pet we each wanted to get. We finally agreed on a puppy. My daughter knew it was happening but didn’t know when the puppy was going to arrive.

On Christmas, I wrapped up a stuffed puppy with a brush, rope toy, and book about adoption. She loved the idea. Then, we looked at puppy pictures and picked out our new furry family member.

My daughter showed how excited she was about the puppy by getting ready. She helped me pick out everything.

On the day we picked up the puppy, she had virtual school and told everyone how today was the day. She waited and waited then went with me to pick up the puppy. I swear, it was love at first sight. The puppy instantly fell in love with my daughter. She did as well. The puppy also instantly fell in love with my hubby and me too.

My world will never be the same, but I love every moment with him. He keeps me on my toes and helping me be more active. I’m always exhausted and swear a puppy is worse then a kid, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The pup is part of our family now. I can’t want to see what he looks like when he’s fully grown and acts like too. He’s only two months now, so I have a long time to wait. At the moment, he’s so tiny but that’s not going to last forever. The puppy is a lab/bulldog/terrier mix! It’s going to be an new chapter of my life.

My daughter got jealous of all the time I have to spent with the puppy at first. She’s getting better now. She realized how much the puppy needs and not to be jealous because I was always made time got her. She will always be my little princess.

The love I have for my puppy is so unique. I just have a connection with him. It’s like he thinks I’m really his mom. He really loves cuddling me and falling asleep in me. He loves playing on my lap as well. He knows I’m the one who will always take him outside to go potty then award him with treats and praise. Walks are also our favorite time together on my days off after I drop my daughter off. It’s a special time just for us.

The puppy is a new addition to our family. He’s just the perfect puzzle piece that we needed in our lives.


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