Thirteen Year Anniversary Letter To My Dad

Dear Dad,

I’m missing you hard this year because your brother passed away on Christmas and his funeral was on Saturday. My heart aches because you were younger than him. You should have been at his funeral with me. God had other plans though of taking you off this Earth before Uncle Eugene. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

My emotions are all of the places today. I can’t seem to get my head on straight, especially with the pandemic still happening.

Live feels stunk in a nightmare, Dad. I’m scared and wish you were here. I need a hug and your words of wisdom.

My daughter is going already. She hanging in there during these rough times. She’s doing tap now and LOVES IT. I didn’t want her to do tap because it reminded me of you and mom. She has a talent for tap so I’m great I let her try it out. She also loves the Nutcracker and wants to try ballet next year. I am also thinking about taking her to Seeee it

Love always,

You daughter

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