My Daughter’s Pooh Bear Turns 7 Today

Today is Pooh Bear’s birthday. Every year, my daughter and I celebrate it with cupcakes and gifts. He’s special to her since my mom gave him to her. She wants to honor and celebrate her time with him.

Pooh Bear has helped her a lot over the years. He did EVERYTHING with her until Kindergarten started. She slowly didn’t want him during virtual class and staying bring out stuffy with her. (Stuffies stayed in the car mostly during the pandemic). My daughter only brought Pooh Bear when she had a sleepover. She can’t sleep without him yet. I have a feeling that’s never going to change because of how much he means to her. She cherishes him so much.

Pooh Bear’s birthday is also very special to me because it was the last time I saw my mom well. After my baby shower, her health took a downfall. It’s a moment I cherish forever because I like to think of how happy she was to celebrate her first grandchild and the smile on her face. My mom didn’t smile too much the last year of her life, but she did a lot at my baby shower. I will always remember how happy she was seeing me open the gifts she brought me.

I miss her dearly.

Pooh Bear helps me remember this special day. He’s not just my daughter’s best friend. Pooh is part of happy memory for me.

Happy birthday, Pooh Bear.

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