My Mom’s Dog Passed Away In Her Sleep

My heart feels heavy today. My mom’s husky passed away in her sleep.

Her name was Crystal. She was a crazy day who loved running with me and loved to talk. I will never forget my time with her. I didn’t see her as much as I would have liked to but I know she understood. I wish my daughter got to meet her. She would have loved her as much as she loved me.

Crystal had a good life. She had way too much energy and loved giving me hugs/kisses.

I will never forget when I saw her at the closing of my mom’s house. I’m glad we got to talk one last walk/run around my mom’s house. We had one special moment before her whole life changed. She needed me. I was there for her like she was when I was pregnant with Ana and my mom got sick. I repaid her by driving her to her new house and making sure she was comfortable before leaving.

I never forget how she loved my mom. Crystal and my mom had such a special bond. I loved seeing the bond grow over the years. She was a mess when my mom passed away but luckily she had her best friend, Cody Cooper, to help her. She would have died of depression if she didn’t have her partner in crime. He held her together and made her happy.

My heart feels heavy her Cody Cooper. He’s going to be a mess. I hope he doesn’t do anything crazy because he doesn’t handle change or depression well. He had Crystal when the last time his life change. Please pray for him.

Crystal is with my mom now. I hope my mom and Crystal have a magical reunion just like the day they met. Crystal will also meet my dad for the first time. I hope they get along and have fun.


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