Mother’s Day Creeped Up This Year

Another year without my Mom on Mother’s Day is here. My heart feels heavy. All the mom posts are starting to pop up. My heart is aching for my mom.

I wish I could make a post of pictures with her and my daughter, but I can’t. I have no pictures of my daughter and my mom. The thought of this hurts so badly. I would have loved for my daughter to meet my mom. I’m not that fortunate enough like others are with their moms alive. I envy them.

Another year is passing. Time is passing fast. My heart is falling apart. I have to move past the ache because I’m a mother too. This is my special day.

It’s hard. My mom was my best friend. I called her about everything when I was away at school and talked to her about everything growing up. I wish I could talk to her about motherhood things as well. I’m jealous of the Mothers who have their moms just a phone call away or live with them.

I wish she could be like others moms and have my mom alive. The post about having your mom there for everything makes my head hurt. I know I keep going back to talking about posts. I just can’t help myself.

I’m going to just stay off social media as much as I can so everyone with moms can enjoy and talk about whatever they want. It’s my day as well.

Time to enjoy a Mother’s Day. I should since I am a mother as well.

I also have two incredible mothers in laws who I don’t know what I would do without them. I may not have my mom but I have them. I’m so lucky and grateful for both of them.

If your mother in law is still alive, please take the time to thank her for being there for you. Don’t forget she’s your mother too. I know, it’s not the same but at least you have her.

If you’re a mom like me, enjoy your day because your mom would want you to and you deserve it in a pandemic!

Also, honor your mom in heaven! She may not be around, but it doesn’t mean you have to forget about her completely. Think about something she loved and celebrate her. For example, my mom loved flowers so I may get one I can plant just for her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in heaven.

A couple of weeks ago a women in her 50s mentioned how she was going to buy her mom a bottle of wine for Mother’s Day. I instantly felt pain rush in my body and made this video on TikTok.

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