Happy 12th Birthday In Heaven To My Dad

Dear Dad,

Happy 12th birthday in heaven.

I hope everything is going well with you in heaven. I’m still missing you here on Earth. I wish I could celebrate with you.

The world is still in a pandemic. Schools are half virtual and hybrid now. Your granddaughter is virtual because she has migraines and it is safer for her to stay home in an unfriendly headache world. She’s on medication for her migraines now. It’s starting to work, but she still has days with discomfort. For example, rainy and cold days are the worst. The medicine is helping slowly.

On a happy note, Anastasia has her first dance recital on my birthday. I’m so excited to see all her hard work pay off. Her costume is so cute too. The thought of Ana having a dance recital makes me happy because mine became my favorite memories with you. I remember you standing by the door after my dance recital with flowers. You had a huge smile on your face and told me that you’re proud of me. I will also take a picture of Ana just like you did on my dance recital.

As for me, I’m feeling lost. The pandemic has taken so much from me. I don’t know where I belong right now. Life is still pretty upside down. I feel stuck in another world where nothing is in my favor. My mind could use your words of encouragement right about now. Can you please send me a sign that everything will be okay? I need it. I’m not so sure right now. Also, can you please send me the perfect job when school is “normal” again? I’m not sure what’s going on in September. I hope things can get somewhat normal for me as well.

Please continue to look over me and guide me through the hard times and even good times. I can feel your presence from time to time.

Happy birthday, Dad. I love you. Have fun with Mom. Tell her I said hi.

Always love,
Cookie Monster

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