The Last Two Days Hit My Daughter with Double Whammies

Rain and windy days are a nightmare for her. Headaches take over her days. She gets into a fog and really grumpy because of the pain. I know she doesn’t mean to get extremely upset with me, but it’s hard not to have her bad mood rub off on me. I’m just feeling her mood and instantly feel bad for getting frustrated with her. She cools down when the headaches stop.

I feel sorry for her. I wish we knew why the weather gives her headaches or why she even having headaches. Nothing is coming up as typical “wrong,” which is frustrating on so many levels. I’m hoping her neurologist can help her understand what’s going. She’s too young to explain the pain inside her head. I’m her voice but I only know what she tells me.

It’s a battle she struggles with every rainy day, windy day, and went its cold out. She’s getting stronger with seeing blood and knowing when a headache is coming on. If I know, I can help her and she starting to understand that.

On Wednesday, she has a doctor’s appointment. I’m hoping for answers instead of more “no ideas what’s going on,” and tracking her headaches. Real solid answers will be nice. I’m not getting my hopes up because she still young to tell what’s going on.

Pray and send her positive thoughts for her appointment.

4 thoughts on “The Last Two Days Hit My Daughter with Double Whammies

  1. Definitely sending positive thoughts! Rain and wind are bad for my son, too, but not in the same way as your daughter, so I’m hoping the doctors are able to figure it out and help her. Hopefully she won’t have to live with all the pain and discomfort for long!


      1. His allergies kind of go through the roof. Red, watery eyes. Endless mucous from his nose. A bit of a cough. We’ve tried so many different allergy medications, but none of them work. I hate seeing him so miserable and feeling so helpless to make him feel better. Kids are so sensitive to bad weather, but I’m hoping it’s something they can outgrow.

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