Today Marks 100 Days of Virtual Kindergarten

We survived 100 Day of Virtual school!

The journey started rocky then switched to the norm for my daughter. She had a hard time adjusting at first. Her anxiety made the adjustment difficult for herself and me. The days of school seemed as if I was stunk in a nightmare. I felt as if virtual school would stay in a nightmare state of mind. Each day dragged by as if they didn’t have an ending. I felt lost and so sorry for my daughter. I didn’t know how to comfort her or help her adjust. The struggle was painful and so real.

Then out of nowhere, my daughter adjusted on her own and is excelling in school. She overcame her anxiety on her own. I’m not sure how she did stopped the anxiety from winning but she did it. I’m so proud of her. My daughter is learning so much in Kindergarten at home. I know a lot of kids who are struggling with virtual school, but she’s not, she’s improving every day. I’m impressed with how she’s handling virtual school even on the rough days. She gets through each day with battling her headaches and anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, she still has days went virtual school is a struggle. Some days, she battles me to get ready or to go back after the break. She has days when she just fights with me all day during class. She has days went she just doesn’t want to focus or listen. I struggle with these days too because I just want what’s best for her. I’m guilty of letting my emotions get the best of me. My daughter and I always hug and say, “Sorry,” because we both feel bad. I want her to understand that emotions get the best of us sometimes. It’s okay to feel different emotions. She knows how to express her emotions but sometimes it’s a little too much on the extreme side. I’m working with her to calm down and not get so worked up. Virtual school may have a part in the extreme level of emotions.

My daughter used to hate the apps her school provided for her on classlink. She fought me every time I tried to get her to sit down and do one of them. She hated a site called, “istation,” which asserted her reading level and how much she learned each month. She would have anxiety attacks over not wanting to finish. Reading Eggs and Math Seeds turned into another battle. Everything turned into a battle. I felt lost on how to get her to use the apps. I give up for a little bit. Then one day, something changed and she loved doing the activities.

Now, I can’t get her off iStation, Reading Eggs, and Math Seeds. She wants more time on each apps now. She learned the apps are just for fun and making a mistake is okay. The apps have also helped her so much in math and reading. I love seeing her have so much fun learning when she plays the activities on one of the three apps.

My daughter’s school site has many other great apps like storia and epic. She used to be afraid of reading by herself on these apps. Now, she practices the books from her reading group and tries reading new books on her own on Storia. She can’t get enough of all the stories on Epic. The app has a lot of known favorite characters, so I’m not surprised she’s hooked.

The thought of 100 days of Virtual School seems unreal. How in the world did Kindergarten go by so fast? I really can’t wrap my head around how fast the time has passed by this school year. It’s just insane. I’m not sure what the next 80 days of school are going to bring or what’s going to happen. I’m mentally preparing myself for possibly more virtual school for my daughter. I’m okay with virtual school since she is doing well. I do hope she can go back in person, but who knows what the future holds for her.

2 thoughts on “Today Marks 100 Days of Virtual Kindergarten

  1. That’s amazing! It’s so great that she’s been able to take charge on her own and is enjoying school now. It’s definitely tough on all the kids, but their resilience is absolutely a marvel to behold. I hope the next 80 days continue to go well!

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