As I Watched My Daughter Play In The Snow

As I watched my daughter play in the snow these last couple of days, I forgot reality for a little bit. Life felt normal as if the pandemic NEVER happened and everything stayed the same. I watched her slide down the little hill by our house in her pool tub at our house. My daughter also went sledding for the first time in a sled down a hill with a friend on Tuesday. She made snowmen. I can’t forget her favorite thing of all, which is climbing on the snow mountains left by the snow plows as we take a walk. Today, I forgot all about Covid and all the worries.

I felt normal. 

I felt free from worries about my little family. 

I felt as if nothing else mattered. 

Time froze for a few hours. My mind stayed calm as I just watched her. 

I couldn’t help myself from capturing her happiness in pictures. Life isn’t easy on her right now. I want her to look back on this time and see we still made the best of all the craziness. We had as much fun as we could. Her life is far from normal so I’m doing everything in my power to help her still smile and be happy.

The pandemic is messing with both of our heads so we needed one day to just forget about everything. I stopped worrying about her headaches and all the what if’s. She stopped being depressed about not being in school because of her headaches and wondering what school is really like now.

My daughter doesn’t admit it, but I know she wishes school was a reality for herself. She hints at the wish from time for time to time. I’m not sure if she knows I noticed how I know she wants to be in school. My heart aches for me because she can’t for the new hybrid schedule.

The snow helped pause time for a little bit. Time felt as if it stopped while my daughter played in the snow. She had a blast. I saw her smile. A really big smile glowing on her face. She hasn’t smiled like this in a long time. I loved seeing her smile with her eyes and mouth when she’s really happy.

I hope we can have many more days like these past few snowy days. I feel refreshed and relaxed after months of feeling stressed and anxious. The new emotions felt so nice. My mind feels free again. I’m not sure how long this is going to last. I will just have to enjoy it until the day the emotions disappear.

I know a lot of people don’t like snow. Snow is so beautiful. I can’t help but love the way it looks on the ground as the sun shines a light on the white sheets. My daughter is the same way. She loves how the snow looks on the ground. I know snow makes a mess of the roads and can be dangerous to drive on, but I taught my daughter to love the sight of it rather than the negatives. She knows how fun it can be as a kid so helpful she feels the same as an adult.

Thank you for coming into my daughter’s and my life during the pandemic, snow. We appreciate the small things right now. The snowstorm this week brought unexpected happiness.

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