Letter To My Father on His 12th Death Anniversary

Dear Dad,

Hey, how are you? I miss you. It’s been 12 years since I heard your voice, seen your smile, hug you, kiss you on the cheek, and hold your hand. I miss all of those things. I can’t believe it’s been so long. My heart still aches for your presence especially with the pandemic going on.

The pandemic is making me miss you even more than the past few years because life just sucks right now. I need a hug. Just need a dad hug because they’re the best when life is falling apart. It sucks being in a pandemic and worrying about his your going to get the virus or now.

Anyways, my daughter is in Kindergarten now! She’s virtual because of the pandemic but doing so well. I’m so proud of her. She may be virtual but learn so much and continually surprising with what she’s learning or knows. I love seeing her leading and succeed. She also really into drawing. Art helps her deal with her feelings during the pandemic and emotion. My daughter is also taking a jazz/hip-hop danc class. She loves it. She’s pretty good at it. I hope so sticks to it. We’ll have to see.

I’m going okay. Things are difficult right now. I can’t work because of the pandemic and virtual school. Live is just too much right now for everyone. I hope things get better soon. Please give me strength until then.

With love,
Your daughter

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