Christmas With A Six Year Old During The Pandemic

Christmas time is very dear to my heart because my parents loved everything about the holiday. I have mixed feelings about Christmas since it makes me feel joyful and extremely sad at the same time. My daughter made this year special for me by helping out with everything! Christmas is way more exciting with a six year old. 

My daughter has always shown an interest in Christmas but NOTHING LIKE THIS YEAR. She helped and even did our traditions herself. I’m impressed by her involvement. 

What My Daughter Did By Herself or Barely Any Help At All

  1. She decorated the tree mainly by herself.
  2. She picked where to put the stockings.
  3. She helped put the lights up outside and figure out where things should go.
  4. She helped bake cookies for Santa.
  5. She decorated a gingerbread house in her unique way.
  6. She picked out her gifts for my boyfriend and me.
  7. She even wrapped my gift all by herself.
  8. She LOVES singing Christmas Carols.
  9. She learned how to draw some Christmas themes in Art class.
  10. She ate dinner on a normal plate instead of a plastic kid plate.

As you can tell, Christmas looked a little bit different this year in my house. She has turned into such an incredible little girl. I’m so glad I had her this Christmas when the pandemic turned everything upside down. She helped me hold on to the Christmas spirit. I thought of times when I was going to lose myself and depression wanted to win but because of my daughter’s excitement, I found happiness. 

My daughter still believes in Santa at 6. She was so excited to see Santa brought all her things on her list this year. To me, Santa isn’t a threat for her to be good. I think that idea is ridiculous. Santa is a wonderful Christmas idea to help my daughter and other kids understand the joy of Christmas and why we celebrate this day. It’s about giving and receiving. I told my daughter last year that you can’t receive gifts if you don’t give them. Santa gives us gifts and helps us deliver them as well. Gifts are a sign of appreciation. Of course, you should give gifts all year round but Christmas gifts just mean so much more because of the smiles when you get someone gets exactly what he or she wants. 

As a parentless mom, Christmas is extremely difficult because the two things I want can’t be brought to the store. For example this year, I decided I’m going to make a list of things I need to make me happy. When my daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas, we were waiting in line to get her Birthday bear from Build-a-Bear. I looked in the store and saw a Harry Potter bear collection, so I told her I wanted the Ravenclaw or Hogwart crest bear. She told me that she would ask my boyfriend to bring her to the mall so they can make me the bear.

 I know what you’re thinking … Why would a mom in her 30s want a Build-a-Bear? 

Well, I wanted a Harry Potter bear because the series reminds me of my parents. I grew up reading the series and would read the books during our family vacations. The series helps me remember the good times with my family rather than the bad memories. Hogwarts also helped me forget my life of growing up with my father’s cancer. I used to love reading before bed so I wouldn’t have nightmares. I wanted this pandemic nightmare to go away with one snuggle from a cuddly Harry Potter bear. Build-a-Bear did a good job of making the bear’s fur so soft. I’m just so in love with it and glad I told my daughter this idea so I can have a part of her and my parents in one bear. 

Even though this Christmas was different from the pandemic happening, I still had moments with my daughter I loved. I can’t wait and see what next year brings. 

Stay tuned for a New Year’s Eve post! My daughter is staying up into Midnight for the first time this year!!!!

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