Our Halloween During The Pandemic

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween … during the pandemic. Halloween is a favorite holiday in my house. My daughter and I love it so much. During the Covid breakout, Halloween plans are unpredictable. The numbers are rising in my state once again. Our Halloween during the pandemic wasn’t like we planned.

We were supposed to have a Halloween/Birthday party for my daughter and one of her friends, but it got canceled. I’m not going into the details because it’s personal to my Preschool Mom friend group. But regardless of the situation, it sucked since our plans were upside down.

My daughter cried when I told her because she was looking forward to this party. She already knew her birthday wasn’t going to be like the previous years because of Covid but she didn’t expect her plans to be completely ruined. I explained, “Everything is packed right now. Plans are uncertain. No one has control over what will come during the pandemic.” She understood as much as an almost 6 year old would.

I was trying so hard to make things somewhat normal for her. This year seems to ALWAYS knockdown normal though, so it’s hard to make plans and keep them.

Since our original plans ended up being canceled, we had to think of an alternative Halloween plan. We decided on staying home and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas while eating pizza after camp’s table version of treat or tricking. I’m glad I decided to go there on Halloween too. Camp saved us this summer, so it just felt right going there for Halloween as well. My daughter mentioned, “Today’s like camp in the fall. I’m loving being here again.” Her point hit me hard. I felt the same way. Camp saved Halloween as well.

The pressure of going out trick or treating with friends was a temptation while at camp. It seemed like a possibility at the time. My daughter’s friend asked her along with the mom. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to talk to my hubby before making a decision.

Then when we turned in on my street, we saw trick or treaters and their parents. The children wore masks, but the parents weren’t wearing masks. My heart stopped because it’s exactly what I feared. A part of me already decided not to take my daughter trick or treating anywhere. My anxiety was so high. I felt a panic attack. I pulled into my driveway and parked my car. My daughter noticed the no masked parents then said as I opened the door, “Mommy, why aren’t the adults wearing a mask but their kids are?” I had the same question. Both of us put on our mask to make a statement as we walked into the house to get candy.

Our governor shared all of the guidelines for Halloween weeks beforehand, so these adults should have known. It doesn’t matter if they’re friends or family because, in reality, they’re going to other people’s houses for Halloween.

My daughter and I talked about her question inside before talking about our plans because she needs to understand. I told her to watch saying something like that when someone can hear her. Then my hubby chimed in and he said, “No, she shouldn’t because the adults should be ashamed an almost 6 year old knows better than them.” I thought about this point and agreed with him because he’s right. These adults should be ashamed of themselves if an almost 6 year old knows the Halloween guidelines better than them. It’s just sad.

We then talked about our Halloween plans as a family. The safest thing to do was to stay home. I explained to my daughter the importance of staying safe. She cried but then I remembered a time I was sick and could go trick or treating. I shared how my mom showed me you can do tons of fun other Halloween things instead of trick or treating. She cheered and smiled. I cuddled her and asked if she wanted to watch it Hocus Pocus. She asked if we could look for a Halloween game on my Xbox. I looked and found a color by number game then ordered a pepperoni pizza and garlic cheesy bread. My daughter and I played until the food came to my house.

My hubby got the door when the doorbell rang then everyone grabbed slices of pizza and sat on the couch to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. We then watched the latest episode of Mandalorian.

It was nice having family time during the pandemic. For a few minutes, I forgot about what’s going on around me.

I’m sorry this is late … but I want to tell our Halloween perfectly

10 thoughts on “Our Halloween During The Pandemic

  1. It sucks that Halloween had to be this way this year, but I love what you did to help your daughter feel better about it. It’s so hard on the kids this year. And your husband is so right! I know no adult would like to be shamed by a child, but, seriously, they should know better. So glad your Halloween was as wonderful as you could make it, and I’m sure your daughter already has some amazing memories!

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      1. Me, too! My husband tried to come up with a way for our family to get together for Thanksgiving, but it’s just not going to happen. It’s so devastating. Things are really not getting better.

        We ended up doing an outside socially distant lunch with my parents and my brother and his family. It was nice, but so hard to keep the cousins apart. I’m really hoping this is the one and only Halloween that has to be celebrated this way.


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