Dancing Away The Blue During A Pandemic

My daughter started a Jazz/Hip Hop class. She enjoyed every moment of it. She said that it made her so happy and glad her friends are in her class too. She’s going to dance away her blues during the pandemic with her girls. What could be better than that? Nothing at all. 

My daughter started showing an interest in dance last year when we watched Descendants for the first time. Descendants movie is about the four Villain kids attend school with the princesses and princes. The movie has a lot of dancing and singing. She loves to sing along and make her own dance moves. Sometimes, she will also try to follow along as well. The movie has two follow-up movies, which are Descendants 2 and Descendants 3

Right now, my daughter is OBSESSED with Zombies and Zombies 2 too. It’s another Disney musical. The songs are on repeat right now. She is always singing and dancing to the songs of this movie now. 

With all that being said, I really noticed her love for dance when I saw her at a dance recital during camp. She was so into the song and didn’t need any help with memorizing the dance. She was a natural. Right then and there, I knew I needed to sign her up. She also looked so happy. It really was as if she was dancing her blues away. 

My daughter really wanted to do cheerleading as well for her school direct with Pop Warner, but the  coronavirus cancelled the season. She was crushed because it was another thing that got ruined this year. I needed something to lift her spirit up. Dance is definitely the best option right now. 

Who knows maybe she will want to do both next year but time will only tell. I did look into a cheerleading competition team. And yes it’s best of both worlds but the cost is outrageous. It’s just not doable especially with everything going on right now. 

I also asked her what she wants to do. She said that she loves dance and wants to be a school cheerleader who cheers on a sports field. I want it to be her decision so she’s happy. It’s all about her interest and hobbies … not me. 

In all reality, dance is going to be another thing for my daughter to stay happy during this awful time. She can lose herself in the music and forgive life for an hour. It’s another thing she’s good at as well.

Drawing will always be her first hobby. She will never lose that because of how happy it makes her. Dance is just another hobby she’s starting to love.

Here’s to new hobbies and trying to stay happy during this nightmare time. Of course, staying healthy is important but a part of being healthy is taking care of your mental health as well.

2 thoughts on “Dancing Away The Blue During A Pandemic

  1. Hi dear, your daughter looks so beautiful and sweet in that photo. Dance is a really good exercise for kids, and will also allow her to release emotions. You are doing great. See you next time.

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