We Survived Week One of Virtual School

The first week of virtual school is over! I’m so relieved because it has been a nightmare and an emotional roller.

The first day… my daughter had an anxiety attack/meltdown. I calmed her down. We got through it together. Luckily, she had Art so her first day made a happy turn because that’s the one class she was looking forward to during quarantine and all summer. She had mini anxiety throughout the day with the new school. But we got through it. I ended up requesting a one on one with her teacher. Anxiety was there all the way up to bed time. Meltdown after meltdown about the smallest things.

The second day … my daughter felt better until gym. She started to cry because she was exhausted from just sitting at her desk and moving around didn’t work. She felt dizzy and got a headache. I gave her water and sat with her until she felt better to join in again. We moved passed this then continued on with the school day. Then the one on one meet happened and I could see her eyes light up as she talked to her. I saw the anxiety melt away within her.

The three day …. my daughter was confident and asking questions. She enjoyed gym as she stretched and danced around. We survived without anxiety! After lunch, anxiety popped up again because she couldn’t hear her teacher. She panicked and stayed to breath heavily. I rubbed her back and told her that I’ll figure it out. We switched to the iPad so she could finish up class.

The fourth day … my daughter and I had virtual school down! I picked up her chrome book from her school and she was ready to go! She did cry because she told her teacher that she wanted to show her teacher story time drawing and her teacher forgot. But she bravely put on her mic and said her teacher’s name then reminded her. The teacher apologized for forgetting. She ended up being really impressed with my daughter’s drawing. My daughter’s tears disappeared as a happy face appeared on her face.

Each day had it’s up and downs. 

We survived! 


The pain was real. The struggle was real. 

But we did it!!!!!

7 thoughts on “We Survived Week One of Virtual School

  1. Oh my gosh, that struggle is so real! I’m so glad you and your daughter survived your first week! We just finished our 4th and it’s still an adjustment for everyone, but it should get better, though bad days will happen and it’ll be okay. You’re doing a fantastic job helping your daughter through everything!

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      1. Well, not in that exact term. They call it asynchronous work and there’s no time for any of it until after virtual learning is over. So, basically homework. Which seems kind of unfair considering they just had the kids sitting and working for 3-4 hours of class every day and now they have to sit some more and complete work. It’s stressing me out way more than it should. I hope that, since your daughter is in Kindergarten, it isn’t so bad, not so much work. Is she being given homework?

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      2. Homework and Kindergarten just seem like they shouldn’t go together. I remember my son was given homework after about a month. It was horrible, and that was before the pandemic! I can’t imagine how stressful it would be to have classes online from home and then have to do homework, especially for some of the youngest students! I’m hoping your daughter doesn’t get any homework any time soon, and I’ll definitely be sending good wishes your way if it does happen.

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