To My Kindergarten

To My Kindergarten, 

Kindergarten starts in a week! You’re going to be an official elementary school student soon! I’m so excited… sorta because it’s virtual Kindergarten right now. 

I want you to know how proud I am you! You have come such a long way these last 5 1/2 years. You have new hobbies and showing dislikes to other things. 

I can’t believe how far time has gone. You’re not a baby anymore. You’re going to be a Kindergarten. My heart wants to cry. 

I’m sorry this year isn’t as we planned. I know how much you wanted to go to school. I wanted you to go as well but I would rather you be health. 

I wish I could walk you to your school’s doors and give you a HUGE hug as tears come down my eyes. I wish I could wave goodbye and see your face light up when you see your teacher. My heart and eyes cry for your new reality of wishes.

But we can’t…. I would rather you stay health than fear you’re going to get sick every day. I hate how Kindergarten is like this for you but sweetie it’s for your safely. I wish I could change 2020 for you but I can’t. 

I promise we will get through this together. I will wipe away all the tears as I always do. I will cuddled you when you’re feeling sad and guide you towards happiness. Daddy will also kept you strong and happy during these unfortunate circumstances. 

I will make sure we continue having art projects with you. Art will continue to bring you happiness. I can promise you that. Also, you will have your first art class this year. I know how excited you are for an art class. 

Promises seem so far away and unrealistic right now. I don’t know what the future will bring for our family but what I do know if I love you and continue to help you through these rough times. 

Keep your head up, baby girl. 

Always love, 


2 thoughts on “To My Kindergarten

  1. I love her desk! Distance learning is so different and my heart aches for you and your daughter. Kindergarten is a really special experience and should definitely be in a classroom. But I know you’ll be great your daughter is so lucky to have parents who will do everything to keep her safe and happy during this crazy time. I do hope she’ll be able to get into a classroom soon, though. My husband only has good things to say about all the vaccines, so fingers crossed! Good luck!

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    1. My daughter and I painted it together! A friend and her daughter give it to us. I’m not looking forward to distancing learning especially since her school still hasn’t told us her teacher and barely a list. I hope we get everything today. I’m getting so anxiety about it. I hope she can go into a classroom too, but in a safer time. Omg I hope a vaccine comes soon and people HAVE to get it. 😬. Good luck to you too!

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