The Last Day of Camp Flew By Too Soon

The last day of camp is over and done with now. My daughter and I can’t believe how fast this summer passed by. It still feels like yesterday we started out the camp countdown.

Camp helped us escape the reality of COVID-19 this summer. Every day felt “normal” because we spent time outside of the house. We weren’t trapped inside anymore. The feeling was incredible.

We both socialize with people and rediscovered the parts of us quarantine made us lose. Camp also brought out the best in both of us. I learned trying new things helps you build your character and pushing limits helps shape a new you. I also took a job I never did before, which showed myself I can do anything if I just try. Anastasia learned how to swim better, deal with new social skills, and build on her love for art.

At first, it was so hard to get used to getting up early and being so busy all day. Then, we started to get the hang of our new routine which made mornings and nights go smoothly. We both still had days where we were just exhausted, so the night time routine was difficult. It’s understandable when you’re not used to getting up early and being so active all day.

Monday is going to be hard when we’re not getting up for camp. We may cry because it hasn’t really hit us yet. We will just have to keep busy and make sure virtual school doesn’t bring us down. This time is going to be different because we’ll see classmates and have social interaction. After camp all summer, I don’t think my daughter and I can go into complete lockdown again. I’m afraid of what will happen to both of us. We love socializing and being around people.

My daughter is luckily staying at the school where she had preschool last year. The transition will make everything better because she can see familiar faces during virtual school. I’m hoping this helps her anxiety and doesn’t bring back depression.

Lastly, I do want to add Eagle’s Landings Day Camp made the WHOLE SUMMER WITHOUT a COVID-19 case. It seemed so impossible at first after months of quarantine. BUT WE SURVIVED without getting sick and had the best summer ever!

2 thoughts on “The Last Day of Camp Flew By Too Soon

  1. That’s amazing! What a fantastic summer program, and what a good thing for you and you daughter. Virtual learning is so different, but you and your daughter are tough, so I know you can do this! You two are amazing!

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