Camp Brought Back My Daughter’s Pre-Quarantine Self

My daughter was showing sides of depression during the last few months. She didn’t have energy and sad all the time. I started to worry because it’s scary how my 5 year old could feel this way.

The silliness was gone as if it disappeared and never existed. I didn’t what to do to cheer her up for a long time.

Art was her escape from reality at the beginning of quarantine. But as time passed, her love for art faded just like her happiness.

As camp approached, my daughter started cheering up more because she had something to look forward to after school being shut down. She regained herself slowly.

Then on July 6th, camp opened for the summer. My daughter found her silly self each camp day. She’s making jokes and wants to take silly pictures again. It feels good to have her back.

My daughter found happiness in life again. She’s smiling and laughing again. Her love for art returned. She’s back to wanted to draw all the time and asking for art supplies.

My daughter made her first choker necklace (the necklace in my picture below) at camp on Thursday and hasn’t taken it off since then. She called her necklace “a reminder happiness does exist during awful times” when I asked her about it.

I’m having mixed feelings about her response. It’s sad she needs a reminder of happiness at 5. Her response also showed me how grown up she really is now.

She’s not a baby.

She’s not a toddler.

She’s a kid who can make connections with the things happening in her life.

Some days, I forgot about the depressed little girl I had during quarantine because I have my little girl back. It feels so good.

I missed her corny self of humor and jokes. I missed her smile and laugh.

I’m not sure what the school year will bring, but as for now, I want to enjoy the moment we’re in now. And the fact that camp is so much more than another first for her.

Camp is her light in the darkness.

3 thoughts on “Camp Brought Back My Daughter’s Pre-Quarantine Self

  1. That’s fantastic! I’m so happy your daughter is doing better now, so I hope everything continues to go well in your area so maybe she’ll be able to go back to school in the fall. My fingers are crossed for you!

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      1. Seeing as how my state is getting worse and worse and we’re for sure doing school remotely again, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and your daughter. School is so magical and I really hope she gets a chance to go and be able to stay healthy and safe. Hoping for the best for you!


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