The Light Is Starting to Shine Through The Pandemic

This is our life now.
This is how mommy and you have to shop.
This is how mommy and you stay safe.

I never thought you would have to live in a world were masks are required in public.
Life doesn’t always go as planned though from time to time.

I’m so proud of you for listening to me on how to wear your mask.
It’s so important right now.
We live in a populated state.
The virus is going to stick around.

I’m so happy I have my shopping buddy back.
I missed shopping with you.
Shopping just hasn’t been the same these as the last few months without you.
Today brought back all the fun memories we shared together before the pandemic.

I know things aren’t the same as before, but I forgot about everything today.
It felt as if things can and will get back to normal at some point.

I’m just glad you can come with me from time to time now.
Daddy is back at work now.
It’s just the two of us again.

I’m cherishing the time we have together.
I promise when this is over that we still have this special time together.

Before the pandemic, both of us got caught up in the changes in our life.
Time passed us by and life went on.

Everything seems to get in the way.
Yes, we still spend time together but it wasn’t like before.

This time is going to be different.

I will plan once a week we do something together no matter where life after the pandemic takes us.

You need this time.
I need this time.
It’s important for both of us.

I’m sorry for forgetting this.
Things will change.

For now, we need to stay safe.
We need to wear a mask in public
We need to social distance.

The numbers will only continue to drop if we do our part.
As the numbers continue to drop, we can have tons more shopping trips and so much more.
We can start seeing family and friends now, which is a plus.

Things are getting better!
I hope it stays this way so we can get back to normal sooner rather than later.

3 thoughts on “The Light Is Starting to Shine Through The Pandemic

  1. I’m so glad things are looking up for you! It’s been such a long time, and this is such good news. The numbers where I live are still slowly creeping up so I’m hesitant about taking my kids to anywhere that’s been allowed to open, but I’m optimistic. If other places in the country, like your area, is able to get the numbers to drop, so can we. So glad you can go shopping with your little girl again! Mommy-daughter shopping trips are the best!

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    1. Everything opens next week so we’ll see if the numbers actually dropped. I really hope they did, but a part of me is scared. We had a lot of protests are in the last week so it’s a matter of time before we know for sure. I REALLY hope the numbers don’t slowly creep back up! 🥺

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      1. I completely understand! We’ve have protests with 20,000 people gathering, so I’m terrified of the numbers skyrocketing. We’re making such good progress, and now uncertainty hits and it’s just too much to take some days. My fingers are seriously crossed for good news.


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