A Letter To My Daughter: Losing Her Front Teeth During The Pandemic

Dear Princess,

You look so adorable with her two front teeth missing. You’re growing up so fast. I just can’t believe how many teeth you lost now. I’m not surprised though because you got your baby teeth starting growing at 4 months. I guess I just don’t want you to grow up.

I can’t help myself from feeling sad though because you can’t go out and show the world without a mask in public. I wish you could experience the stores without a mask or I could bring you out without worrying.

Today on my way to ShopRite to go food shopping. I had a flashback to my childhood and wished it could happen to you as well.

My Memory

I just lost my last front tooth right before dinner time. I was so excited for the tooth fairy to come. It was in the summertime, so I was home from school. I think I was 6 or 7 at the time. My mom told me that we had to go food shopping tomorrow. I was so excited because I loved going food shopping with my mom too. The next morning, I woke up and the tooth fairy gave me a dollar. I ran down the stairs and told me, my mom. She told me that I could bring it to the store with me and I could put the money towards a toy as she got me Frosted Flakes for breakfast. I ate the cereal fast and ran back up to my room. I got dressed as fast as I could. I don’t remember what I picked out to wear. Let’s just say … I wore a purple tank top and jean shorts since it was summer. I ran back downstairs. My mom hadn’t finished breakfast yet, so she let me watch tv before we went food shopping. I either watched a show on PBS Kids or Nickelodeon. Once my mom was done, she got dressed as well. The two of us then headed to the food store. I sat in the back and moved my tongue around the new gap in my mouth. My mom loves to go to McCaffrey’s instead of ShopRite. The food has better quality according to her. My dad didn’t like to because the prices were higher. Anyways when my mom and I arrived at McCaffrey’s, we got out of the car and headed inside. I helped my mom by getting things off her shopping list with her. I then asked my mom if we could get shrimp tempura from the food bar. She told me we could, so we headed there. I told the man behind the counter what I wanted. He got my shrimp tempura then said, “what a cute toothless smile. I thanked him as I took the box. My mom and I then finished up our shopping trip. Before getting in line, I picked out a beanie baby to buy with my tooth fairy money. We then headed towards the cash registers. I helped my mom put out food in the bell. The cashier looks at me. I smiled at her, making sure to show my new smile. She smiled back and said, “oh I see you lost your two front teeth?” I said, “Yes,” in a silly voice because of my gap. The cashier then said, “You look adorable!”

My heart breaks for you because you will not have an experience like that to share with your kid(s). I’m so sorry. I wish I could change things and have things be normal right now. But unfortunately, it’s not and you have to wear a mask in stores now. No one will even see your cute temporary smile.

I hate how you’re growing up in a pandemic. You don’t deserve this. No kid or teen does.

I don’t want the future holds for the world right now. I’m trying to stay positive for you. That’s all I can do.

Always love,

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My Daughter’s Emotional Letter to The Tooth Fairy

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