My Daughter’s Emotional Letter to The Tooth Fairy

Kids shouldn’t be feeling like this.

A five year old shouldn’t know what this kind of sadness. She’s feeling emotions that I’m not sure how to explain in a way she will understand. She’s breaking my heart hearing her say things like this.

I’m feeling bad for social distancing her from people at times. I know it’s the best for her but it makes me wonder if I’m the reason for her emotions right now. I am her mother after all and made this decision with my boyfriend.

I know it’s the best for her but what if it’s not because it’s making her depressed. I don’t want to be the reason for her feeling this way. I love her so much and just want the best for her.

My heart is breaking for her as my brain tells me it’s the best for her health. I’m feeling trapped in a daily battle between my heart and brain. It aches and makes me doubt my decision as I see others letting his or her kids play together.

I just want her happy. Seeing her like this is destroying me.

I wish the Coronavirus was gone too as she said in her note to the Tooth Fairy. She was such a happy little girl in school with her friends, going shopping with me, seeing friends outside of school, and going to the playgrounds/parks. Life was good.

As the restrictions lift up, I’m going to slowly bring her around friends and family. I’m still going to cautious and have us wear a mask. But this has to be done before I lose my sweet, outgoing, happy little girl.

I can’t care less if people tell me it’s not needed it because that’s what I feel is the best for my little princess. She’s obviously not going to want to wear it all the time, but I will make sure she knows it’s for her safety. It’s going to be a battle. I’m mentally preparing myself for the hot summers and struggle with wearing a mask.

If things go as planned, she’s going to be starting her first year as a camper at a local camp. I’m going to be working there. A part of me is excited for another first, while the other half is freaking out about the virus. She needs this more than ever. You know what, so do I.

The Coronavirus took so much from my daughter. I don’t know why much more her little heart and brain can take anymore.

As the time being, I just have to wait and see what happens. I try my best to help my daughter during this time. She will get through this. I hope she will look back at this time and see I did everything for her.

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