Happy Quarantine Birthday To Me

Well today is my birthday.

I wish more than anything I could go out and celebrate tonight. My birthday is finally on a Friday and I can’t even celebrate. Thanks to the Coronavirus. Ugh I hate it.

I love my birthday. But this year, I’m just not feeling it.

I can’t go out and see my friends or family. I may be a mom but I still like going out and letting loose sometimes.

I wish things were different and none of this happened.

My heart feels hard because my birthday is just another thing the coronavirus ruined.

Hopefully… 31 gets better. I guess we’ll see.

Happy birthday to me! 🎉🎁🎂🥂

3 thoughts on “Happy Quarantine Birthday To Me

  1. Happy birthday!

    My daughter and I just had ours earlier this month and it was hard to feel okay with having to stay home, so I feel your disappointment. My fingers are crossed things will be better next year, and hoping a Saturday birthday will be better than a Friday birthday.

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      1. It’s a good thing she was turning 3 and still has no real concept of what a birthday is, but it still broke my heart.


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