The Lorax Got Me Thinking About The Pandemic

My daughter and I watched “The Lorax” today for my mom’s birthday. “The Lorax” used to be one of my favorite books growing up. I made my mom read the book so many times.

I decided around lunch I want to watch the movie in honor of my mom. Also, my daughter saw part of the movie in school and mentioned she wanted to watch it.

The movie made me think about the pandemic and what “normal” is for all of us now. So-called “normal” is strange and not what we’re used to from about 2 months ago.

Everything is upside down and different. The world around us isn’t the same. Time will only tell when things will get back to the so-called “normal.”

Dr. Seuss inspires his readers to always think about the world around him or her. He talks about the “unless” in The Lorax then wrote a powerful quote as a summary of the movie. The quote made me think quarantine and the pandemic is a new light.

What if we all be the “unless” Dr. Seuss spokes of and make changes during the pandemic?

What if we stop complaining about the restrictions and follow each of them?

The quarantine will only stop if we all work together. Look, I understand this is all hard. No one likes being in lockdown, wearing mask, or told what to do. But in order for this to be all over, everyone has to work together. I’m sorry but there’s isn’t another way.

So let’s stay together and put an end to quarantine by following the rules. Stop the fighting. It’s time to team up together just like the town did in The Lorax (spoiler alert).

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