Being A Motherless Mother On Mother’s Day During Quarantine

Another year means another motherless Mother’s Day. The pain will always be heavy but a different kind of heavy each year. This year is an extremely painful year because the Coronavirus messed up live for so many people. The absent of a mom during this time messes with your mind. Why because you’re inside thinking too much. Your mind isn’t distracted by life anymore. On top the absence of your mom, you’re also a mom. Life as a motherless mom isn’t easy.

Your kid(s) is feeling all kinds of emotions during the pandemic. It’s hard trying to explain to him or her what’s going on especially when you’re really not that sure. All you know, schools are close a long with non essential business. Your kid(s) misses his or her teacher(s) and friends. Depression may be hitting him or her for the first time. He or she doesn’t understand this new feeling. You’re trying your best to be there. Your mind is overwhelmed.

Of course, you’re there for your kid(s) because moms are there to help in all times of solutions. But Mother’s Day is here. You’re in a fog and trying to cope with your emotions as well. Everything starts to mash together. You’re trying not to fall apart. Depression kicks you to the curb, but you’re a mom. You need to stand up to depression and help your kid(s).

I get it. Mother’s Day is rough. You just want to cuddle up in a ball and cry. I do too. You miss your mom. I miss my mom.

But you’re a mom! You should celebrate your mom too.

I understand you miss your mom. I know, I know, we’re all in quarantine. Everything is different. No going out for dinner and not seeing family. You can’t visit your mom’s grave or go somewhere she loved to honor her.

You can write her a letter or do something she loved at home. Quarantine may have ruined a lot of things and messing with life but you can still enjoy it and honor your mom at the same time.

I can’t tell you what to do for Mother’s Day. That’s completely up to you. I hope you pick something relaxing and fun!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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