Quarantine Birthday Letter to My Dad In Heaven

Dear Dad,

2020 is different than the other birthday without you. The world has a nasty virus going around called Coronavirus or COVID-19. In the United States, a lot of stores are closed. The school is closed until September. The whole United States is in quarantine. Other countries have also shut down as well. I’m writing you this letter on your quarantine birthday in Heaven.

As you can tell things have changed, since your 10th heaven birthday. Good and bad things have happened. Obviously, the virus is the worse thing by far that has happened. The time from your birthday to now has changed so much.

Your granddaughter started Preschool in September. She absolutely loved it. She learned how to play by herself better and how to share better. She learned the letter and words for each letter. She learned how to identify numbers and write to them. She discovered her love for drawing and crafts. The two of us have also done crafts together, but school helped her love art even more. She met some great friends. I love her group of friends and get along with the parents. She’s so sad about school but she really excited about going into kindergarten next year. I’m excited for her too. She’s so ready for it. I’m going to cry because it’s a huge milestone.

I went back to work when she started school. The transition from being a stay at home mom to a working mom was hard and draining. I drive to work right after she got on the bus then go home right in time for her bus. My job wasn’t ideal but it helped my family and that’s all that matters.

As you can tell, things we different before the Coronavirus arrived for my family and I. I wish things could go back to normal again but I’m not sure when it will. I’m going crazy being stuck in the house and not going out with worrying. Oh, and you have to wear a mask when you go into a public place now. It’s insane. The summer is going to be annoying and hot if we still have to wear mask. I’m not looking forward to it. I wonder how you would react to all of them.

Anyways, I’m going to find a way to honor you and celebrate your birthday. It’s not going to be ideal because your granddaughter and I normally go to a park or get out of the house. Maybe we’ll go for a walk or something I’ll figure it out.

Happy birthday, Daddy. I hope mom and you have fun celebrating in heaven together.

With love,

Your daughter

Ps The picture in the blog banner is one of my favorite memories on Hoover Dam with you. Thank you for taking me here and all of the our interesting and beautiful places we tripped to in the United States. I will cherish these pictures and memories forever.

WordPress just told me this is my 200th blog post! Woot!

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